Awesome coupon at Nifty Thrifty Savings free stuff!

Nifty Thrifty savings has a coupon posted so you can get 5 free packages of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Just in time for football season snacks!

I printed my coupon and I’ll be heading to walmart soon (was going anyway but this makes it exciting! lol)

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Blogging and Professionalism

Every once in a while I’m motivated to blog about something due to an experience.  This is one of those posts.

Working in a hospital, we are obligated to be professional.  Being professional has a lot of different perspectives and ideas.  One business’s professional standards may be different from another.  By this I mean dress codes, appearance of employees, appropriate conversations etc.  An example of this could be tattoos.  If you work in a tattoo parlor, bar, design maybe this is acceptable in terms of a business environment and employees.  (Please I have nothing against tattoos but I know many businesses have dress code rules on this matter).  Where I work, you are not allowed to have visible tattoos.  If you have them on your forearms, for example, you are required to wear long sleeves to cover them.

What about with blogging?  For some, your blog is your business, or at least, you hope it one day will be.  For others, it may just be an outlet.  There could possibly be a hundred reasons people keep a blog.  If you’re blog is a business (or hopeful one) professionalism is necessary to obtain and keep your clients.  I think most bloggers are aware of that and do follow through with that.  Where some bloggers kind of forget sometimes is in forums  or sites off-blog.

Myself, I am active on several forums, product review sites, social sites, etc.  I always link up my blog where it’s acceptable to do so. In this way your name is attached to your brand (blog). I was recently on a site.  I won’t say where (for the purpose of this post it’s not important).  There was an on-going conversation amongst some bloggers.  The conversation was less than professional.  It was a site where companies are too. When blogging is your business you need to be aware of your surroundings.  In this particular setting not only is it not good for the bloggers who are involved in the conversation but it also takes credentials away from the bloggers who are trying to maintain  an appropriate business environment. 

Yes there are times that we need to vent. Maybe you have an issue with another blogger.  Maybe you didn’t like a comment somebody left on a particular subject.  Whatever it is, if you can’t let it go than go to that person directly.  By email, by twitter DM, facebook IM, just privately not posted all over a public forum.  Approach them respectfully.  Sometimes what you hear is not the whole truth or was misinterpreted.  Think about how you would like to be treated and approached.  I think that is the bottom line to professionalism.

I’m not perfect. I’ve said and done things I regret.  If you type something out online, there’s always the delete button.

Here is my blogging professionalism thoughts.  Please feel free to leave your thoughts and your own tips:

1.  Be honest.

2.  If you hope that a particular person or group doesn’t read what you posted, then don’t post it.

3.  Give credit where credit is due.

4.  If you have a problem with someone online go to them directly. Don’t announce it publicly.

5.  If you don’t like a product, site, comment etc approach respectfully.  You may not know the whole story. If someone were to approach you, how would you want them to approach you about it?

6.  Consider your audience.

7.  My own personal rule and works in many settings: stay away from conversations regarding political affiliation, religion, and sex unless the situation requires you to do so.  If it does, give only need to know information. Of course this will vary greatly.  If your blog is about your church, political news, your family values, and so on, then go for it.

8.  When you’re angry take a break.  Walk away from your computer.  Step out of the room.  Whatever it takes for however long it takes before you write.  Give yourself time to cool off and think about how you should really approach something.  OR if you should write something.

9.  Spelling, punctuation, and proof reading.  Yea I know, like I’m the one who should be saying this.  I re-read my own posts all the time and think “ah you goof that’s supposed to by my not me.” I know this is an area I need to work on

10.  Stay true to your blog–Me, I refuse to do paid posts on over-priced products or services.  I’ll do a review but I’m gonna tell the truth (see #1).  You can send me a $200 face cream but I’m gonna tell my readers it’s too expensive unless it zaps every wrinkle and you never have to buy another bottle.  (In that case, sign up as a rep because then it’s a good value lol)

I know there’s probably a few i missed.  I know there’s a few I need to work on myself.  Please feel free to comment with your tips.

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I’m excited to be part of BLOGFEST 2010. This is my first time particpating in any multi-blog event. The main page, A journey of books, is where you can find the complete list of participating blogs.  Also if you use the blogfest tracking list it makes it super easy for you but you can also win the grand prize.  I kind of got lost in the mix I think of the blogs.  My blog was omitted from the finalized list but it was fixed very quickly by a journey of books as soon as I noticed it.  So, I apologize, but I didn’t know who I was supposed to link to next. (Each blogfest participant was supposed to link to the next blog). So my suggestion would be to either click on the A journey of books link, the blogfest banner below, or I’ve been using the tracking list.  That way I could keep track of who I visited and who I didn’t so far. 

My giveaway is going to be an item of the winner’s choice from my ETSY shop “Angie’s Candles“.

I make hand-poured soy jar candles, soy melting tarts, and wax dip bears.

Soy candles are healthier to burn.  I chose this wax medium because one of my boys have asthma.  I love candles and read about how to burn them healthier.  On tip is to use a wick dipper or something as simple as a metal spoon to dip the wick in the melted wax and pull it out to extinguish the flame rather than blowing them out. It also extends the life of your wick.

Soy melting tarts are meant to go in your tart warmers or potpourri warmers. This is an alternative to get a lovely scent in your home but avoid flames.

Another option is Wax dip bears.  Some of you may be aware but I’d say half of my shop visitors had never heard of them.  Wax dip bears start off as stuffed bears but are dipped and scented.  They then act as a cute room air freshener . The scent generally last for 30 days.  After 30 days you can refresh the scent by holding a hairdryer 6 inches away and warming the bear for about 30 seconds.  These make great door prizes, basket fillers, baby shower table decor, or under $15 gifts. Again, no flame but nice scent.  The bears you see in my esty shop aren’t dipped yet. You choose the bear and scent.  They aren’t dipped until they’re ordered.  They are placed on a glass dish and packaged with Cello bags, bow, and tag.

Being a frugal gal myself I try to find the best prices I can on my materials so I can try to give you the best prices I can.  Also my etsy shop is fairly new.  I don’t have a wide variety of scents yet but I order a little bit at a time.  If there is a particular scent you are looking for, email me.  If I can find the scent I can make it. 

Prize:  One winner will win their choice of 1 item from my etsy shop (if the winner chooses melting tarts you can choose 2 sets of melting tarts since it’s a smaller item).  ***UPDATE** I had put in an order just a couple days ago for the following fragrances: Green Tea, Vanilla Bean, and Old Fashion Christmas.  They aren’t in my shop yet but if you would want one of those scents and willing to wait a couple days longer you can choose from them also.
Mandatory Entry:   Go to my etsy shop and tell me one scent you’d like to see in my shop that I don’t offer yet in a comment. Please be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.  This must be completed before any bonus entries will be counted.  

Bonus Entries:  Leave a seperate comment for each entry.  If it has a +1 after the entry leave one comment, +2 leave two comments for that entry and so on.
1.  Heart my etsy shop (+1)  please leave your etsy name
2.   Follow FFCandM with gfc and/or networked blogs (can find in Right column) (+1 for each one)
3.  Like Angie’s Handmade Candles on facebook OH and PS once i reach 100 fans on there I will be giving one fan a candle of their choice.   (+2)
3.  Leave a message on you facebook status to follow Angie’s Handmade Candles on facebook. (To make it easier for your followers when typing it out if you type @Angieshandmadecandles it should leave a clickable link for them)  (+2)  
4.  Tweet this message on twitter (leave link to tweet can tweet 2x a day at least 2 hrs apart): 
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5.  Enter any of my other current giveaways and leave a comment telling me which one (+1 for each one entered)

6. Visit my Merchant Circle Page for Angie’s Handmade Candles perform 1 or all of the following actions:  Rate my business, leave a positive comment on my Merchant Circle blog, Follow my merchant page, or subscribe to Angie’s Handmade Candles newsletter.  (+2 for each one completed)

This is a quick giveaway for blogfest 2010 Opens Sept 10, 2010 at midnight and ends Sept 12, 2010 at 11:59 pm.  Winner will be notified Sept. 13.  Open to US and CAN. 


***This giveaway is sponsored by my to promote my etsy booth.  Any opinions expressed are my own***


Winner replied: winner is SaladforBreakfast Congrats!! 

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BLOGFEST 2010: Participant

So I signed up for this months ago thinking wow that’s a long time away. Now it’s here! I will have a giveaway posted tomorrow just for BLOGFEST 2010. I’m of course not the only one. There will be many other bloggers participating. BLOGFEST runs from Sept. 10 to 12 2010. So hop, visit, enter, win!


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What We Won Wednesday—4th week

Yep, it’s that time again.  And we want to know what you won in the last week.  It could be a win from a blog giveaway, twitter party, national sweepstakes, scratch off ticket, 50/50 or whatever you want to share.  If you remember where you won it, share that too if you can.

The idea is of this is to:

1.  Encourage other to enter giveaways/sweeps/etc.
2.  Congratulate and share in each others joy
3.  Show that people really do win

I love to hear about your wins and i’m sure other do to. 

My wins in the last week:

1.  GLEE Gum pack from: :
2.  Copy of “The Disappearing Spoon” from (The book fairy reviews)
3.  $25 Chocomize gc from

Also I had actually won it a while ago but I finally got my coupons for the year supply of SILK soymilk I won during their national “Green Caps” sweepstakes.  They do it every year. There’s a grand prize and Instant win prizes online.  The years supply of SILK soymilk was actually and Instant win prize.

So ok I shared, now it’s your turn.

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