Purex Complete Crystals Softener Review and #giveaway 1/11/11 3 winners!—CLOSED


***UPDATE*** 2 of the winners did not respond so a redraw was done.  Those winners have 48 hours to respond.  

Purex is introducing a new fabric softener, PUrex Complete Crystals Softener.  What is it?  In short it’s softener reinvented.

Did you know that most traditional liquid fabric softeners have some undesired effects on your laundry?  It’s true.  Almost all traditional liquid fabric softeners are oil based.  In other words they work by coating fabrics with oil. Over time that oil builds up and allows dirt and other yucky things to stick to your laundry.
Purex Complete Crystal Softeners are 92% natural, NOT oil based.  Purex Complete Crystal Softeners work my penetrating fabric and infusing your laundry with freshness that last weeks, not days.

Did you also know that traditional liquid fabric softeners lessen the absorbency of your fabrics, like your towels for instance?  The oil builds up and inhibits the towel from absorbing moisture.

Did you know that children’s sleepwear must meet flame-retardant standards?  Yep, they must be “flame resistant and self-extinguish if coming in contact with a small flame”.   Traditional liquid fabric softeners can inhibit the treatment used to make it flame-retardant.  Purex Complete Crystals Softener is 100% safe to use on Children’s sleepwear.

Oily residue left behind on Sportswear with wicking properties can actual prevent these fabrics from doing their job.  Because Purex Complete Crystals Softener doesn’t use oil, it will not harm your sportswear.

I received a bottle of the Purex Complete Crystals in the Fresh Spring Water scent.  I’m definitely a fan of scented products.  This had a light fresh scent. Very pleasant and not overwhelming.  One of the things I noticed that was different about how this product is used is that you add the Purex Complete Crystals Softener directly in with your clothes right in the washer drum.  No softener balls to mess with, no gooping up your softener tray in the washer, no waiting for the rinse cycle.

My laundry is actually in now so while I’m waiting to put it in the dryer I’ll tell you a little more about Purex Complete Crystals Softener.  It comes is 3 lovely scents, the Fresh Spring Waters that I got to try, Lavender Blossom, and Tropical Splash.

Purex Complete Crystals Softener will be available at Walmart stores starting Dec. 28th.  They will be available at more retailers by January and February at a price of $3.99-$5.99 depending on the store. They are safe for use in both standard and HE washers.   So let’s review the benefits again for Purex Complete Crystals Softener:

Ok clothes are done in the dryer.  Unfortunately I have a cold and can’t smell a thing but hubby says he really likes the smell on the clothes.  The clothes feel soft.  So in my opinion this product works great!

I have 3 $2.00 off coupons to give to 3 of my readers.  If you want one, just leave a comment telling me you want one. 
Ok all there’s been a small change, but it’s a change in the positive.  The Purex Insider program is new so there’s still some kinks to be worked out.  I just got an email today that said they’ve decided to give 3 of my readers a coupon for a FREE bottle (not just $2 off). Entry comment will still be the same.  So yay, 3 winners will get a coupon for a FREE bottle instead.  I will pick 3 winners 1/11/11. 

***i received a sample bottle of Purex Complete Crystals in Fresh Spring Waters as part of the Purex Insiders program, for the purpose of a review.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  Any opinions expressed are my own.***

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What We Won Wednesday Dec. 21 #wewonwed

What We Won Wednesday is a weekly post to share your wins in the last week. The idea of What We Won Wednesday is:

1. To visit your winner post, share, and congratulate each other on our joy of winning.
2. Encourage others
3. Show that people really do win giveaways and sweepstakes if you enter.
4. Give some exposure to sites that are offering sweepstakes and giveaways

Your wins can be from anywhere. Whatever you’d like to share. They can be blog giveaways, national sweepstakes, lottery ticket wins, 50/50, basket party, Fantasy Football, etc etc.

If you won online and remember what site you won from or the name of the company feel free to include it. It would be nice to see where people are winning from. You can post your own wins on your blog then link them up in the linky below so we can hop around and congratulate and marvel at the prizes.

My Wins:

1. Creme Brulee grill kit and dessert rub from: http://www.freebiesandmuchmore.com/2010/12/holiday-gift-guide-steven-raichlen.html

2. Coupon for a free Jumbo pack of diapers from #LuvsMonkeyBusiness twitter contest day 18.

What did you win??

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Wanna become a ChaCha guide?

I’ve been working as a ChaCha guide from home for about a year and a half now. I tried it out while on maternity leave from work. I thought it might be a good way to supplement my income. After my 3rd child I went from working full-time outside the home to part-time.

ChaCha is a question answering service. People text or call in questions and you help answer them. This is not a good choice for you if you are easily offended though. You’ll get everyday questions like: What’s the state capital of Minnesota, What’s 554-35 equal?, what’s the boiling point of water?. Then you get crazy questions like: How many teaspoons of sugar would it take to reach the moon? (seriously I got that question once). Then you get rather offensive or colorful questions. I won’t bother to post them here.

There are several guide positions: Transcribers that take the phone and text questions sent in and transcibe them for the next guide that would be the Expediters. I’m actually an Expediter. They have a history of answer from the same or similar question that have been answered. There are a lot of resources to help you answer questions. I try to answer with a provided answer. If it is a question that requires some research or an appropriate quick answer is not available for me I sent it off to either a Generalist or Specialist. These guys do the work of researching and sending an answer.

You can work as little or as much as you want. You can choose to get paid per question OR use a points system where you are in a pool. I can explain that more to you if you are seriously considering.

I only maybe work ChaCha about 10 hours a week. Generally after the kids go to bed or while the baby naps if I feel like it. You are not required to work daily. You make your own hours. In fact, I hadn’t done it myself for several months then got back into it.

ChaCha is having a guide referral contest this month. If you’d like to join go to:
http://becomeaguide.chacha.com please use my email as the person who referred you:

angiewith3 at live dot com   (use the @ and . when putting in referral field.  I wrote it this way here to cut down on spammers emailing me)

Not only will I get credit for referring you but you’ll be placed on my team so I can help you if you have questions or need guidance.

Also please feel free to email me if you have further questions on becoming a guide.

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Some Christmas Nostalgia shows

My dad loves these. He grew up with them. I like seeing them too. Just thought I’d share with you.

Hard Rock, Coco, and Joe “The three little dwarves”

Suzy Snowflake

Frosty the Snowman

Hope you enjoy them. Found them on Youtube.

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