Sesame Street Live was so cool and you can still see it in #Pittsburgh on Sunday

Sesame Street Live is in Pittsburgh at the CONSOL Energy Center this weekend.  It’s not too late.  There are still shows at 1 PM and 4:30 PM on Sunday January 15 available.  If you wanna go, save yourself some money and buy the tickets through Pittsburgh Kids Guide and save $3 when you purchase your tickets.

I was able to go to the show tonight (Saturday Jan. 14) for the 5:30 PM show.  We got there early, found parking right across the street and got our seats quickly.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  I had 4 tickets. I took my toddler as well as my sister and her toddler.

“Elmo’s Super Heroes” is about Super Grover losing his “super”.  The fun live show sends a great message about eating right, proper hygiene, getting enough sleep,  and exercise.  Most of everyone’s favorite characters were involved: Elmo, Zoe, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Abby Cadabby, and more.

We had good seats.  From the minute the show started until it ended the show engaged both my 2 1/2 year old son and my 2 1/2 year old niece.  It’s 90 minutes of singing, dancing, and fun but valuable lessons.  They encouraged audience participation many times throughout the show.  There is a 15 minute intermission at the half way point.  I really didn’t know how our toddlers would do with a 90 minute show in elbow to elbow seats but they were both so into it.  At intermission my son looked at me and said “Again, Again”. I told him we just needed to take a break and we’d be back.  Then after the show was over, he said the same thing.

Here’s a pic of how engaged our toddlers were.  They would hardly sit in their seats.  They were standing and watching, dancing, and jumping.  They really enjoyed themselves.

I think everyone else did too.

I would definitely see the show. It was such a fun experience.  The CONSOL Energy Center is a great venue.  I’ve seen several different events there since it opened.  It’s easy to find in Pittsburgh and lots of parking available.

Tickets prices are $14, $18, $24  then there’s $34 dollars for the Gold Circle and $80 for the Sunny Seats that include a VIP meet and greet with 2 characters before the show.  Again, if you wanna save yourself some money, buy your tickets through Pittsburgh Kids Guide and save $3.

***I was provided 4 free tickets from and in order to complete a review and help spread the word about this great show.  I did not receive any monetary compensation.  Any opinions expressed are my own.***

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Diamond Candles (the ones with the ring inside) review and giveaway 30 winners!

I first heard about Diamond Candles about 6 or 7 months ago. They are soy candles offered in a variety of scents.  What makes these candles different?  Each candles contains a ring inside it’s wax.  The ring can have a value of $10, $100, $1,000, or even $5,000!

I really wanted to try one of these candles but I hemmed and hawed about it because the price is $24.95 per candle.  So when my birthday came I had got some money.  I decided this was the time to treat myself.  I had a really hard time deciding which one to get.  I ended up choosing the Cupcake scent.  The candle comes in a heavy glass jar with a lid.  Each candle has a burn time of 125-160 hrs each.  The cupcake scent was lovely.  It made almost my whole downstairs smell like cupcakes.  I burned it for a couple hours a day about 2-3 days until I was able to get to the ring without messing up my candle.  The ring is visible on the side of the candle wrapped in gold foil.  It’s also in a small plastic zipper pouch so the ring doesn’t get messed up.

Here is the ring I pulled out of my first Diamond Candle.

This ended up being one of the $10 rings.  The “China” stamped on the inside of the ring was the tip off.  It’s still a pretty ring though.  It ended up being way to big for me. It’s a size 12.   The cool part is, Diamond Candle fans created a rings swap page.  You can trade rings for rings in your size or buy rings in your size that you like.  
When I heard that Diamond Candles were looking for a few bloggers to review their candles.  I applied.  I hoped I would get it.  I love Diamond Candles and wanted a chance to share it with my readers.  For the review I got a Diamond Candle in the scent “Sweet Pea”.  It smelled so lovely.  Everyone in the house loved it.  Even my boys, which was surprising.  They usually only go for the sweet treat scents. 
You can see the gold foil showing on the left inside of the candle

I pulled the foil pack out using a toothpick.  I had a napkin ready to catch the waxy foil packet.

After I unwrapped the foil I saw my ring through the small clear zipper baggie.   
There’s my ring.  It had a big stone on it.  All clear stones.  I believe that this one is a $10 ring also. This one also has “china” stamped on the inside of the ring.  The stones and metal do not feel like precious metals or stones.  But, it’s still a pretty ring.  This one was not quite as big as the first one I got but it’s still about 1 size to big.  I’m guessing it to be about an 8.  
I think these candles are so much fun.  I think they are well worth the $24.95.  Between the ring and the great scented candle it would be a great gift too!
You can find Diamond Candle on facebook:
You can also find Diamond Candles on twitter: @DiamondCandles 
So you want one right?  Well Diamond Candles is giving away 30 Diamond Candles.  That’s right I said 30.  That’s 30 winners!  
You can enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

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I received the product described above at no cost, in order to complete a review and host a giveaway. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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Gifts for family fun at review and giveaway is the perfect name for this company. They offer a huge selection of unique and creative gifts while offering quality items that are affordable.

Check out and you’re likely to find a number of items you’d love to have.  You may just find the perfect gift for a gift that is almost as unique as the person you’re giving it to.  They offer things like unique jewelry, toys (and they break the categories down into age groups), office supplies/decor, and lots more.  There are great items for funny birthday gift ideas that you can find here: put together a Family Fun set for me to review.  I love the fact that they offer items the whole family can enjoy too.

One of the first things we tried was the Portable Ping Pong set.  I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to work.  The set contains 2 high quality paddles, 2 ping pong balls and a table net that folds up nicely.

This is a stock photo so you can see the set up close.

The net recoils sort of inside the “poles” on the one side.  They are weighted so they don’t move if the ball hits it.  The one “pole” is hollowed so that both the ping pong balls fit nicely inside for storage.  The paddles are very sturdy.  There is a button at the base of the paddle head that folds the handles into the paddle head for neater storage.  The button is situated so you don’t have to worry about accidently bumping it while you’re playing.

We set it up on our dining room table.  It worked out really well for us.

The next thing was the Emergency Clown Nose.  I’ll be honest I thought this item wouldn’t pick up much interest in our house but, I was so wrong.

I comes in a cute little container.  It has a slit in it to slide it over your nose.  This was the first thing out of all the items we got to review, that my oldest son wanted to check out.  

And there’s my clown trying it out.  The kids were trying to grab it from each other and making faces with it.  Even my toddler wanted a turn.

The last item in our kit was the Fingerprint Art set.  This was a very cool idea.  It comes in a little tin.  There are 3 different color stamp pads, a number of stamps, and colored pencils.  You can create pictures with finger prints.

Even though it was a fairy tale set with mostly girly theme, my boys still made the most of it.  The stamps were things like fairy wings, a crown, toad stools, etc.  This would be a neat little set to keep in your rainy day ideas box.  
With Valentine’s day coming up they even have a category of heart gifts, check them out here.  Everything heart shaped!  And with everyone dreaming of spring they offer a nice selection of humming bird feeders.  Beautiful glass feeders and feeders with unique designs.  Great idea for the bird watcher that you can find on Uncommon Goods website.
Uncommon Goods is going to give 1 Luv Saving Money reader a $50 gift code!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Live Q and A With Angelina Jolie Thurs. 11/12 8 PM EST/5 PT GIVEAWAY

Don’t forget to post your questions in the blog comments below. You have a chance to have your questions answered live during this event by Angelina Jolie herself. Also one person who comment with a question for Angelina Jolie about her 1st writing and directorial debut for the movie In The Land of Blood and Honey, will be entered to win a Movie Poster!

For more behind the scenes info, you can check out my previous post about the Q & A here:

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Blankz Toys – the cuddly animal your kids can decorate again and again

Blankz are a creative and sustainable plush toy that come to you completely blank with a pack of 5 Blankz markers and 1 BlankZdrop Card for displaying your creation.  People of all ages can decorate their Blankz toy however they like.  You can keep your work of art just the way it is or wash it with your laundry and start all over again.   They come in nice gift able boxes that display the Blankz toy clearly.  
There are several Blankz toys to choose from: White Hounds, Un-Sealed, Bloink, Bare, Ele-Faint, Bare Hare, and No Bully.    Blankz have been featured in Woman’s Day magazine Kid’s Holiday gift guide for 2011.
We received the Bloink (pig), Ele-Faint (elephant), and Un-Sealed (seal) to try out.  I gave one to each of my boys and let them go to town. 
Here’s what they came up with on their first go at it:

I threw the Blankz in with my youngest son’s laundry. I was curious to see how easily the marker washed out. Would they be left with discolored animals?  Well, I took them straight out of the dryer and brought them upstairs to snap a pictures.  
Looks like they’re ready to go again. I couldn’t resist the empty canvas so I decided to try my own hand at decorating one of the blankz . Here’s what I came up with;

Ok, I’m no artist but it was fun none the less.  At a cost of only $12.99 for each Blankz toy it’s a fun and creative toy your kids will play with again and again.  A great way to get your kids (or your) creative juices flowing.  
Stop by and like Blankz on facebook:
You can also find them on twitter: @Blankztoys
My only disclaimer on this would be that, just like any marker project, the markers can transfer while they’re still drying on the Blankz.  Until I was done with my Blankz toy, my finger tips were multi-colored.
Some of it did transfer on to my son’s clothes too.  But no worries, the markers are washable after all.  My toddler had accidently colored on the kitchen linoleum but it came out very quickly with a once over with the mop. 
Know someone who would love to have a Blankz toy? You can buy them online on Blankz Toys website.
***I recieved the products mentioned above at no cost in order to complete a review.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post.  Any opinions expressed are my own.***
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