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I am a big fan and current investor with Stockpile.  I’ve talked about Stockpile in previous posts but a quick blurb about it because I  have to get to this deal for those that already know!  Stockpile allows you to buy fractional stock making investing on a budget do-able! For instance, let’s say you’ve always wanted to invest in Google but Google is at $1000 per share.  Well you might not have $1000 laying around to invest in just 1 share of stock. Maybe you have $100 to invest though.  You could take that $100 and invest it in Google on Stockpile and own 1/10th share of Google stock.  That’s just an example of course.  There are many stocks available to choose from.

If you’re not registered for Stockpile yet you can register here and get $5 in free stock!

Once you’re registered OR if you’re already registered you have got to take advantage of this Groupon deal!  Pay just $10 for a $20 Stockpile gift card! That’s like getting another $10 in free stock!!!  I definitely just grabbed mine.

Stockpile also let’s you set up custodial account for your children. You could use this Groupon deal to gift them a Stockpile gift card!  That’s what I’m going to do for my eldest son!



Investing in Stock on a Budget it’s Possible with Stockpile

This post does contain affiliate links.  I will receive a small percentage from actions completed through t his link.  Any opinions expressed are my own.  I have been personally using Stockpile for at least 6 months now.  I am NOT a financial professional


I had always been interested in the stock market.  A way to save for my financial future.  Sure I have a 401k through work, a savings account, etc but never put all your eggs in one basket right?

The problem with the stock market is that it can be kind of intimidating doing it on your own.  If you’re on a budget like me you also can’t afford to drop a couple thousand or even several hundred on stocks.  Even if you hire a professional then you still have to have that chunk of change AND pay your stock person.  Look, it can take me a whole year to get $1000 or more in my savings account.  How am I gonna take that money I saved all year for and hand it over to someone for something that’s not a sure thing?!  I need to be able to invest in stocks on a budget. It’s easy to buy stocks online and not break the bank.

Yea sometimes you have to take risks to make money.  I get that but what if I told you there was a more comfortable, budget friends, user-friendly site to invest in stocks?  There is, it’s called Stockpile.

Stockpile let’s you start investing for as little as $5! yea $5!  You can invest in any stock they have available Tesla, Apple, Google, Disney, ETFs, bonds, gold, Bitcoin, whatever your heart desires.   I know what you’re thinking and I’ve heard it before….”You can’t invest in Apple for just $5 it’s a scam!”  Calm down,  you have to understand how Stockpile works to understand how you can.  See, Stockpile allows you to buy FRACTIONAL shares of stock.  So for instance, let’s say you always wanted to invest in Google but it’s $1000/share.  Well who, on a budget, can afford to drop $1000 on just one share of stock?   Let’s say you have $100 ready to invest.  You can put your $100 into Google and you would own 1/10th of a share of Google stock.  You’ll still earn dividends and make money based on your 1/10th share.  You can always invest more as your budget allows and eventually you could own a whole share of Google stock ….or whatever stock it is that interests you.

What about fees?  Glad you asked.  See most investing sites will charge a fee of $5 or even $10 to buy, sell, or trade.  Stockpile allows you to buy, sell, or trade for just 99 cents! Just another thing I love about it.  Even budget friendly fees for to buy stocks online.

And parents, you can also set up custodial accounts for your children if you so choose.  Stockpile is user friendly and has many easy to understand resources for investing for both parents and kids.  Stockpile makes investing in stock on a budget, easy


If I haven’t convinced you to try Stockpile yet how about I tell you I have $5 in free money you can use to invest in whatever stock you want on  Try it out, buy your first fractional share and invest in your future!  $5 in FREE stock here!  This offer is for new accounts only.


If  you already have a Stockpile account tell us why you love Stockpile!


Get FREE Apple Stock and $5 More in FREE stock! Here’s HOW!

I’ve talked about a few times on here. Stockpile let’s you invest in your favorite companies, easily, and within a budget.  Choose from hundreds of stocks and you can invest with just a few dollars.  That’s because let’s you by fractional shares of stock.  I can’t really afford to buy even one share of Google at a nearly $1000 price tag for one share but I can purchase 1/20 of a share at $50.  Then if I wanted to I could budget myself so much each pay check to buy more and eventually own a share or more if I wanted to.

So I  know I know I said something about FREE Apple stock. is having an Apple Event right now.  If you have a Stockpile account (you can register for free) you can get $5 in Apple stock FREE.

How to get your free Apple stock:

  1. Register for here
  2.  Then visit the Stockpile apple event link here
  3. click the “Get your free stock” button and claim your stock.

I definitely grabbed mine. Who can pass up free Apple stock?

Plus when you register and either purchase $10 in Stockpile gift cards or fund your account with at least $10 you’ll also get $5 in free stock.  That’s free money people!

I love Stockpile.  It’s an easy way to invest.  It’s only 99 cents to buy, trade, or sell per transaction.  The site is user friendly, and of course, budget friendly.

Investing on a Small Budget: Fractional Shares with Stockpile

In exchange for my honest and unbiased review, I received a $25 gift card to try out Stockpile. This post contains a referral link. I am not a market professional and not responsible for gains or losses that you may experience. I am not affiliated with or own an investment in any company or brand mentioned, and have no plans to do so. Securities products are not FDIC insured. Not bank guaranteed. May lose value.


First of all let me just say I am NOT a stock expert. I always wanted to learn more about stocks and start investing. It was intimidating to me.  No guarantees I’ll make money, seemed like it took a lot of money to start, all the stock jargon I didn’t understand. Now let me tell you what I am.  I’m 30 something, frugal mom of 4 on a budget. I have a desire to invest. I have future goals. There were companies I  did some research on that I really wanted to invest in. But some of them were $300+ a share.  I didn’t have the budget to buy even 1 share. Then I learned about

Stockpile allows you to buy fractional shares of stock.  So for instance, let’s say a stock you are interested in is $300 but you only have about $30 to start investing. You can invest $30 and own 1/10 of a share of that companies stock. Let’s say next pay day you want to invest another $30 in the same company. You do, and now you own 2/10 of a share of that stock. You keep doing that each pay day until you own a whole share of that companies stock.

Not only does Stockpile make it easier for those on a tight budget to invest but it’s very user friendly. You can even create wishlists of stock you want to invest in and create sub accounts for kids or anyone else you like.

Looking at other big name investing sites, some charge upwards of $10  every time you buy, sell, or trade a stock.  Stockpile only charges 99 cents!

You can also buy Stockpile gift cards.  I love this idea. This would be a cool gift for the high school or college graduate, a great way to allow kids to invest, or even a nice wedding gift for the happy couple to start their life together.

You can see the particular Stockpile gift card I received says “Disney stock”.  I wondered if since it said Disney stock it meant that’s all it was and I didn’t have options to invest. Well, I redeemed it on  It did come up as Disney stock HOWEVER, it gives the option to choose a different stock instead. You click that option and choose the stock you want to invest in.  I chose DOW Chemical instead. So if you can’t choose which stock to gift, no worries, your recipient will still have an option.

Education is important to know how to invest and what you should be investing in. Among other resources, stockpile has a non-intimidating learning center to help you get started. I found the information easy to understand and helpful. Check it out the Stockpile learning center for yourself

Signing up for a Stockpile account is free.  Use this link to get $5 in your account just for registering!


How Can The Average Joe Buy Stock in Amazon, Apple, Disney, and More? Here’s How

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As many areas as I’ve covered in regard to money the stock market is one area I stayed away from.  Before, the idea of investing in the stock market myself scared the bejeezus out of me.  No thanks, I’d rather put money in savings, or my 401K that’s managed and has an employer match.

Still I had an interest. But pulling up a reputable stock site seemed overwhelming. Watching numbers drop as quickly as they rise. Everyone knows the stock market isn’t a sure thing. Especially for someone uneducated in it like myself.  Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, common stocks, sponsored stocks. I don’t know!

My husband got into it. He was doing fairly well with penny stocks.  In fact, he did well enough that we were able to use the money as a down payment on our new house. We don’t have the funds to invest big but he did well with what he had to work with.

I had a personal interest in investing in Tesla.  I’ve been reading the articles. They’re doing new and innovative things. I could go into all my reasoning but that would be another article. So I started an account and started watching things. Reading things.  Tesla however was $300 something a share and rising.  I’m not ready to invest to buy even one share financially. At least not yet.

Then I learned about Stockpile.  It seemed the reasonable solution for someone like me. Someone that doesn’t have a deep wallet for investing but still wants to invest. Stockpile allows you to buy fractional shares in companies like: Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Under Armour, Snapchat, etc.  The stocks that the average joe can’t buy 100 shares in, or in 5 shares in some cases. Simply fund your account with your bank account or debit card.  It’s 99 cents a buy or trade. It makes it easy for you to find the companies you want to invest in.  They’ve also started selling Stockpile gift card at the grocery store. When friends and family ask what you want for your birthday or the holidays you can ask for Stockpile gift cards now!

In this way, you can start investing in companies you wouldn’t normally be able to invest in. It allows people on a budget to invest what they can afford without breaking the budget. Right now, Stockpile has a deal where when you use my influencer link you’ll get $5 to use towards stock with your first $10 stock or e-gift purchase.