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Destiny Awaits The Wiccan Way Book 1 by Nicole Coverdale Genre: Paranormal Urban Fantasy

For as long as the earth has been afloat, demons, witches, Gods, and angels have walked among us. Unknown to the human world, and now the time has come for four sisters to embrace a destiny… Josslyn, Jade, and Julie Morgan never imagined magic was real. That is until they visited their grandmother’s grave. Now a journal their deceased mother left for them, a symbol they all know too well, and an earthquake in Minnesota has them all believing in the impossible… They’re witches. Good witches, destined to keep the human world safe from the demonic forces that plague mankind, and now they have powers. Magical powers. Josslyn can freeze time, Jade can control electrical forces, and Julie can see the future. But, another surprise awaits them. Jasmine Nichols, a young woman who looks the spitting image of their mother. She’s their sister, and she can move things with her mind. Adjusting to their new life as witches, coming to grips with the fact they have another sister, and to control their newfound powers the sisters find themselves on a trip to the past to get answers. But as they search for answers… an even greater threat is coming. The demonic world now knows about them, and they want one thing. Their powers. Goodreads * Amazon

Once Upon a Hallow’s Eve The Wiccan Way Book 2

On all Hallow’s Eve, as Josslyn, Jade, Julie, and Jasmine look to have a good ole time at the annual masquerade party, someone is planning to take away the very happy endings they grew up with… Life has been anything but easy for Josslyn, Jade, Julie, and Jasmine ever since they found out they were witches. After an epic showdown with Satan four months ago, things are finally slowing down. Jade has gotten her bar and restaurant up and running. Both Julie and Jasmine have gone back to school. Josslyn… she’s still struggling with what she wants to do with her life. But as Halloween rolls up, they all know one thing. They want to have a good time! Little do they know an evil witch is threatening to ruin their four-month hiatus from the demonic world. Sucking them each into a different fairytale. Fairytales, whose endings have been altered. Now it’s up to Josslyn, Jade, Julie, and Jasmine to right the fairytales before happy endings cease to exist. Goodreads * Amazon

Crossroads The Wiccan Way Book 3

When light and dark collide, one sister must make a choice that could change their lives… forever. In the wake of the tragedy that struck on Halloween night, Josslyn, Jade, Julie, and Jasmine are shocked to learn the truth about Sky. He has no heart—someone stole it and now they are bound to get it back. When Jade, Jasmine, and Sky embark on a trip to the heavens to find his heart, they realize things are not as they seem. Black angels have taken over the heavens and they want one thing—Jasmine and Sky dead. But the heavens have a silver lining. A psychic, who is tasked with helping Jade find the answers to the questions she seeks by taking her on a journey to her past, present, and future. What she sees changes everything, but time is running out. For she can only focus on one thing… the threat to the future. For down on earth, something has gone terribly wrong. For the underworld has risen to the surface and one sister has turned to the dark side. Goodreads * Amazon

Born and raised in the Midwest, Nicole Coverdale writes in several different genres: Mystery, suspense, romance, fantasy, and the paranormal. She is the writer of the urban fantasy series, Wiccan Way, set in St. Paul, MN, about four sisters who find out they are witches, and while adapting to their newfound powers, uncover hidden family secrets none of them knew existed. She is also the author of the Randolph Saga, which follows Elena Rodriquez’s family, as they are targeted by a rogue organization that wants to ruin Elena and everything she holds dear. With several books already mapped out, Nicole spends most of her days on the computer, letting the words flow, but when she’s not writing she loves to shop, binge on Netflix or Hulu, cook, bake, and in the fall loves nothing more than a good football game. Go Pack Go! Website * Facebook * FB Group * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

“Whoa!” Josslyn held her hands up,
and the vase stopped in midair. “What the—”
“What!” Josslyn whipped around and
the vase fell to the floor, shattering into a
million pieces. “Holy crap! Did you just see
that? Th e vase like froze in midair!”
“And I saw it!” Julie cried, jumping
to her feet and racing toward her sister.
“Josslyn, I looked into the fire and I saw it
happen! Kind of like a premonition type
“Julie, that’s not possible!”
“You saw it yourself.”
“I…” Josslyn shook her head. “No, I
did not! Wait! The journal!”
“The journal!”
“Come on!”
Josslyn grabbed Julie by the hand and
they raced up the stairs. She raced down the
hallway, shoving the door to her bedroom
open and lunged forward. She pulled the
drawer to the nightstand open, her eyes
suddenly widening. “Whoa…”
“The book grew!” Josslyn yanked the
drawer off the hinges, the book that had
earlier just been a small journal tumbling to

the floor. “Julie, look at this!” Josslyn cried,
picking it up off the ground and flipping
through the pages. “It’s huge! What the hell
“Hell if I know!” Julie cried as she
took the book from Josslyn. She grazed her
hand along the cover. “Look. It’s our symbol,
Joss. The J.” She traced her fingers along the
letter. “There’s four of them linked. Why do
you think there’s four? There’s only three of
“Like I have the answers any more
than you do!” Josslyn took the book from
Julie and flipped it open.
“For generations, the Morgan women
have been extraordinary witches, dating back
all the way to Salem. Each has had their own
unique power, equivalent to their personality.
With each generation becoming stronger and
stronger. Forces of good, of white magic,
who have since the beginning of time fought
the forces of evil. Keeping the city they love,
and their family safe from the demonic forces
that walk among us.”

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  1. Cool cover – would that be the mother, Jasmine, pictured? Sounds like a celebration of the powers of mothers and sisters. Happy Mother’s Day!