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Game of Revenge Francis Scott-Wren Series Book 2 by Charlotte Larsen Genre: Crime Thriller

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves” — Confucius

Heart crushing international thriller from a bestselling Scandinavian author. In 1944 a snitch denounced a couple and their eldest son for resistance activities. The mother was separated from her husband and son and sent to Bergen-Belsen. The husband and son sent to Dachau. None of them returned. Years later, their grandson, James takes on a revenging role towards the affluent descendants of the snitch. One by one he takes them down. But along the way, Francis Scott-Wren picks up the scent and sends in his agent Jo Vermeer to stop the destructive rampage of James. However, the relationship between her and her target brings her a dilemma of loyalty, that unstable her significantly. As we travel with the characters through Copenhagen, Marrakesh and into a jungle monastery in Sri Lanka, we must ask ourselves: What are our true values? And how far will we go to defend them? Game of Revenge is a nail biting standalone crime thriller and a gripping exploration of human nature. If you like a passionate heroine, spine-chilling suspense, and a fight for what is right, then you’ll love Charlotte Larsen’s fast-paced thriller. Buy Game of Revenge to be captured in a brave fight against evil today!Goodreads * Amazon

Charlotte Larsen is a bestselling Scandinavian author of more than twelve books, including the bestselling crime thriller GAME OF GREED, and a series of management books. A graduate of Aarhus University and University of New South Wales, Charlotte is highly recognized as a specialist in managerial issues. Besides working on her next novel, she serves as a high-end management consultant for high performing industries such as the legal profession, finance, and defense. Charlotte keeps a blog on creativity, writes for a Danish broadsheet, and is generally an opinion maker in the Danish business community. She lives and writes in the Danish countryside and keeps a closet full of business suits in a flat in Copenhagen. Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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  1. The cover gives the book a sense of suspense. Game of Revenge brings up moral dilemmas as to whether revenge will heal our injuries, or whether we should choose to heal our minds by choosing peace, in the background of a horrific time in history. Does Charlotte Larsen have any personal experience with the Holocaust from which she is drawing her story?

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