3 Easy To Use Money Management Tools

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Creating and managing a budget can be difficult. Even if you are not a business owner, it is important to organize your finances so that you are able to afford the things you want, and save for your future as well! There are many tools available which can help you with tracking your spending, paying your bills, and assisting you with saving and investing for the future.

One such app is called You Need A Budget (YNAB). This tool has a very intuitive interface, and syncs all of your accounts in one place. Having everything in one spot makes it simple to take an overview of your current financial status, and where you can make improvements. You are also able to sync up with family members so you all have instant access to the budget plan. YNAB costs 84 dollars a year, but on average customers save around 6,000 dollars! You can find out more about how YNAB differs from other budgeting apps here.

Secondly, it is important to make sure you are saving! It is recommended that 20 percent of your income goes towards savings. Chime bank has a helpful automatic savings tool which rounds purchases to the nearest dollar. The roundup is then transferred into your savings account! Chime also has no fees which can save you over 300 dollars a year. The average individual spends around 329 dollars a year on banking fees, so a bank with no hidden fees is another great way to save!

BillGO is another great app for assisting you with your budgeting and finances! BillGO allows you easily view all of your bills on one simple app. Everything is always up to date, and the app is extremely easy to use! They even have option which makes it easy to split bills. This feature is perfect for those who have roommates and may be splitting rent and utilities!

Although creating a budget and managing money can be difficult, there are tools out there to help. Find the app that works best for you, and get your finances back on track!

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