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Cleopatra’s Pearls
Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings Volume 1
by J. Lee Roberts
Genre: Paranormal Romance
I’m not your average monster. In the past, I have toppled, liberated, and even ruled kingdoms. Believe me, I’m over that lifestyle. My motto is, ‘Learn from the past; love in the present’.
By day, I’m Catalina Purdy, proprietor of Purdy Antiques. By night, under cover of darkness, I expose my true nature.
I enjoy; long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, easy men, and feasting off the chemicals they produce when sexually aroused.
I also love my job. I am eternally thirsty for the chance to hunt down rare, exotic pieces. However, I’m not hard to please, I’ll take any piece I can get, and I always get what I want.”
Reader Advisory: Be forewarned, the story within, contains X-rated tales of a Nightlings naughty escapades.
The Aztec Goddess
Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings Volume 2
Adventures of a sexy seductress
Witches, shifters, and shamans. Oh my… Catalina is at it again, and as always, no one is off limits. Strong, smart, and sexy, the Queen of the Nightlings is all but invincible. All except for one little weakness—twins.
Deep in the heart of the jungle an ancient power calls. As Catalina searches for its source, she discovers a lost Viking warrior washed ashore after a sudden squall. Although she is forced to abandon her prey, Catalina knows she will never get over the mysterious stud without at least one little taste. Trouble is—while the Cat was out to play, tall, blond and handsome has gotten away.
The journey is only beginning when she finds her prize has been captured by a crafty coven. Catalina may be a monster, but what the witches have in store for the warrior is downright evil.
Join Catalina, if you dare. Read along, as the sexy succubus seduces her way out of yet another steamy adventure.
The Last Seeing Stone
Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings Volume 3
Aboard a mythological vessel that can morph its size to accommodate as many warriors and weapons as its burly, blond Captain requires, hordes of delectable elves desperately yearn for the one thing that will bring them salvation. Their only hope lies with a sexy succubus who is more interested in having a good time than saving the day. As the enchanted ship sails off into the sunset, a scandalous seductress finds herself caught up in the middle of an epic quest.
Surrounded by the stuff of legends, Catalina reveals how fine of line reality and mythology really walk. Although she is torn between the man that loves her, the man that wants her, and an unquenchable appetite she cannot appease, Catalina must set her personal life aside, and use her seductive powers of persuasion to save the world.
A magical voyage awaits those with the courage to join the Queen of the Nightlings on one of her many escapades. Each complete tale is steamier than the last leaving the reader burning for more.
The Nativity
Catalina, Queen of Nightlings Volume 4
Adventures of a Sexy Seductress
On a dark and stormy autumn night back in 1969, thieves broke into a Sicilian oratory and stole Caravaggio’s masterpiece, the Nativity. To this day, authorities are still on the hunt. With a 20-million-dollar reward for its retrieval, claims to its location have flooded the FBI database. Some say the theft was commissioned by the Mafia, others report that greedy amateurs seeing a television program about the Italian treasure decided to act. Where the police have failed, one woman will succeed.
Once again Catalina is on the prowl. And neither mobsters nor monsters can stop her from seducing her way to the truth.
Join the Queen of the Nightlings on yet another steamy adventure and see whether or not you can decipher fact from fantasy.
Gold Rush
Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings Volume 5
Adventures of a Sexy Seductress
Torn between a simple life in San Francisco and her calling as a Queen, Catalina must choose her fate. There’s just one thing standing in her way — Werewolves. Will her lust for love and treasure, derail her future or will she fulfil her every desire?
Join Catalina, on another erotic adventure, if you dare.
Reader Advisory: Be forewarned, the story within contains X-rated tales of a Nightling’s naughty escapades.
J. Lee Roberts was born in Washington and raised in Idaho. A true gypsy at heart she has been moving around ever sense. The development of her seductive character Catalina Purdy has led to four books in the Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings series; Cleopatra’s Pearls, The Aztec Goddess, The last Seeing Stone and The Nativity. She currently resides in California with her two dogs and supportive husband.

CATALINA, Queen of the Nightlings
Volume 2 The Aztec Goddess

“I followed the two, Scandinavian Vikings all day, as they fruitlessly, searched, the outer
perimeters, of the village. Each time they drew near, to what the villagers called, the
‘great power’, the men’s attention would be drawn, toward a different direction.”
“I had seen this type of effect before. There were several, explanations for such
behavior, and they all included witch craft. What the men couldn’t see, but I could, was a
dense, swirling vortex, of molecular, magnetic energy. The vortex however, was being
shielded by a thin, foggy layer, of magic.”

“The shadows started to stretch longer, and longer, as the sun gently set, in the
distance. In haste, the shipwrecked Vikings, shouted for Dorian’s return, but in the end,
they returned to the village, empty-handed. Too bad for them, great for me. ‘Let me
handle this gentleman, it appears your wayward companion, had strayed into my realm,’
“I whispered, to their diminishing steps.”
“Once my familiar friend darkness, had cloaked me in its embrace, I headed
straight for the ‘great power’. As I grew nearer, I could sense two, distinctly, separate,
energy sources.
“The first, was a spell. A very powerful one. So powerful in fact, that the nearby
villagers had long been, scared straight, of ever penetrating its borders. The enchantment,
in all truth, was a rather simple one. Any person, who ventured near, would get the
sudden impulse, to change directions. I’m sure, that as the years passed by, the villagers
had grown wise to the phenomenon. Yet, knowing something strange is happening, and
actually comprehending why, it is happening, are two very different things. The villagers
had been right, in just steering clear of the area completely.”
“The second source, was a primordial power, pulsating directly from the earth.
This energy supply, was much more powerful. No sorcerer, had conjured the force
surging from beyond the spell. This, was earth magic.”
“As I have mentioned before. I can choose to view the molecular web of life.
Each element, radiates its own distinct color, as it bumps, and connects, into every other
element. It’s a calm, predictable dance, that has dragged on since the dawn of existence.
A vortex however, is quite another thing. As each molecule, from dust, to human cells,
encroaches the energy source. The particles take on a translucent, metallic shield, that
embraces, strengthens, and energizes its host. The phenomenon is not lasting. As a host
leaves the vortex, the shield slowly releases its hold, and returns to its source.”
“The vortex itself, is probably why the spell was cast to begin with. Someone, or
something, had set up shop near the portal, and they weren’t about, to share its power.”

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