Join Sam’s Club for $45 Get $45 Back!

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My husband and I were just recently discussing getting a Sam’s Club Membership. The only thing really holding us back is that the closest one is a 45 minutes drive from us. With a family of 6 with two of my kids being teenage boys we seem to be needing bigger quantities of things around the home.

We started buying the large bulk containers of salsa at Walmart because salsa and tortilla chips are a favorite snack around here. We buy the 24 packs of microwave popcorn but it still doesn’t last very long.

I told my husband I sometimes see deals for Sam’s Club memberships and this is one of those deals. Sign up for a $45 Sam’s Club Membership and get $45 off your first purchase offer! That’s like getting your Sam’s Club membership for free!

My parents had a Sam’s Club membership growing up and remember the great deals on clothes, shoes, bakery items, and electronics too. Of course back then, I was also into CDs lol.

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