Jeepers It’s January Giveaway Hop: My La La Leggings

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Welcome to the Jeepers It’s January giveaway hop on

The name “My La La Leggings”, to me, doesn’t capture everything they offer. Sure they have leggings but they also offer: shirts, dresses, workout pants and capris, shorts, tanks, and more. They keep adding new items to the site too. There are constantly new releases. The newest releases now are the shawls, scarves, and ponchos.

My La La Leggings offers affordable, fun, and comfortable clothing for everyone. Leggings, capris, and shorts go from kids sizes to extra curvy. The prices are reasonable and there’s always free shipping for US orders!

My La La Leggings recently released new activewear to for those with health goals in the New Year.

I first discovered My La La Leggings from an acquaintance that was an affiliate. I ordered one item just to try it and I was interested in trying more. Now I have a dress, several leggings, capris, a shirt, and more. I decided to become a My La La Leggings affiliate myself because I get a 25% off product and 40% off bulk discount! I seriously thought I would only use it for the discount but I’ve actually been making some extra income from it. Just click the “Join My La La” tab at the top of the page to sign up. It’s only $10 to become an affiliate or choose one of the packages to get some My La La goodies with your registration and a big discount.


Open to continental US. 1 winner will win an in-stock item of their choice valued a $30 or less.

Jeepers It’s January Hop: My La La Leggings

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160 Replies to “Jeepers It’s January Giveaway Hop: My La La Leggings”

  1. I would love to grab a pair of the Jogger Velour – Plaid, these not only look comfortable but I love the style of these.

  2. The curvy leggings in “Grey Garden” are cute! Simpler than the other designs, but one that really stood out to me.

  3. I love their leggings! I would love to have the Extra Curvy Ice ones, they’re so pretty and look so comfy. Happy New Year everyone!

  4. There are some amazing prints! I collect sugar skulls and there were a few that caught my eye but I really loved the curvy pink crush leggings!

  5. For myself, I like the DRESS Curvy 3/4 Houston Lattice (Dk Plum). I also love some of the maxi skirts, especially the Curvy Solid Black maxi skirt and if I could fit into them, also the Glamour Maxi OS and the Destiny Maxi OS.
    For my son, I love the Fox leggings and for my daughters, I love a lot of them but especially the butterflies for one of my daughters. I think the girls would prefer to pick their own though.

  6. Oh, they’re so pretty! I love to wear leggings at work — they’re so comfortable.
    I love several prints, but my favorite might be the curvy dusty pink. So pretty.

  7. i love the mommy & me GIVE ME SOME SUGAR !!! They are so stylish I love the design and so does my daughter.

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    It would only be right to get one for Easter.

  9. Of course I love, love the soldout kimono cardigan on turquoise. The star brite joggers fave. The camp joggers in all colors look comfy as well!! So muchπŸ‘€

  10. Our daughter would love the extra curvy volley ball. She is a phys ed teacher. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  11. These are some really cute designs. I love the solid black ones and would get the most use out of them but I also love the Daydream Os for my teen daughter and the In the wind for myself.

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  13. I absolutely love the Are You Chicken OS leggings. I seen alot I loved though but those are super cute!

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  15. Oh I really love the CAPRI- CURVY SOLID BURGUNDY ! They have so many adorable ones! I love that they have the Capris for spring/summer!

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