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Out of Mind
Maximum Exposure Book 2
by Kendall Talbot
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Adventure
A love
frozen in time . . .
Holly knew the romantic helicopter ride up to the remote peak of Whisky
Mountain was a bad idea. But she never expected it to snatch her
fiancé from her—or destroy her life. A few fiery seconds turn a
postcard-perfect morning in the Canadian Rockies into a snowy hell,
thirteen thousand feet above sea level. And in the midst of grief and
agony, Holly catches sight of a scene in the ice that will haunt her
until she can return and discover the truth.
Oliver Nelson could see the stranger had
a mystery inside her. The scars on
her face, the pain in her eyes, the insistence that he teach her
completely alone—no one
needs to
learn rock climbing, or so he thought. But the more he gets to know
her, the more he admires her drive, her ingenuity, and that little
edge of recklessness. If she can trust him with her story, he’s
ready to follow her wherever her heart takes her.
But nature’s deadly beauty isn’t the only danger waiting for them on
Whisky Mountain. To survive, Oliver and Holly will have to move
fast—and think faster . . .

Out of Reach
Maximum Exposure Book 1
In a place
where a city can be lost hundreds of years . . . they can
still find each other.
Lily saw the temple of Agulinta on television: a vast stone structure
swallowed by the Yucatan jungle, rediscovered only now after hundreds
of years. So why did the papers she found after her father’s death
show the same mysterious carvings that puzzled archaeologists at
Agulinta? Her search for answers pulls her to Mexico’s southern
border, where the journey to the lost temple will take her through
jungle and mountain, over waters home to crocodiles and drug runners,
and into uncomfortably close quarters with a man whose need to wander
has become a way of life . . .
Australian Carter Logan’s work as a nature photographer has given him
excuse he needs to roam wherever his restless feet take him. But in
all the time he’s traveled, he’s never been drawn to anyone the
way he is to this determined, cagey young American. Lily’s
perseverance through dirt, sweat, and danger to the heart of the
ancient temple fires through him. But when the two of them are left
alone and stranded in a vicious wilderness, their connection might
prove the difference between life and death . . . if the secrets of
the past don’t come between them first.

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Kendall Talbot is the author of the Maximum Exposure series, and many

other action/adventure stories. A thrill seeker, hopeless romantic,
and award-winning author of stories that’ll have your heart
thumping from action-packed suspense and steamy bedroom scenes, she
lives in Brisbane, Australia with her very own hero and a fluffy
little dog who specializes in hijacking her writing time. Meanwhile,
Kendall’s two sons are off making their own adventures—look out world


Chapter 1

From the moment Holly climbed into the helicopter, a sense of foreboding plagued every
thought. Three times in her life she’d had a premonition about death. Each time it’d come true. But
she wouldn’t say anything. Not when Milton, her new fiancé, had paid so much money for this
exclusive trip. And especially not when he’d looked like an excited teenager when he’d first spied the
chopper at the ski resort. Holly forced her brain to focus on the mountain scenery around her, rather
than the tendrils of dread inching up her spine.
This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was supposed to be fun. But the buffering wind and
shuddering windows made it so far from fun she could barely breathe. According to the pilot, a
private picnic on the west
summit of one of Canada’s highest peaks had never been done before. But Milton had charmed the
man with both his expert persuasion skills and his generosity with money. So much so that the pilot
simply couldn’t refuse.
Twelve thousand dollars had been his tipping point. For that, not only did they get a private
helicopter, but the pilot also provided expensive champagne, a gourmet feast, and a folding table
and three chairs, ready
to be set up wherever they wanted.
Milton was capable of convincing anyone to do anything. Her being on Whiskey Mountain
was a testament to that. She never did anything that even hinted at danger.
Death had a way of following her. Her brother died as a three-week-old baby. Her father
went to work one day and never came home. Her best friend died in a freak accident that’d
perplexed all the authorities. Even her one and only pet didn’t make it past puppy stage. And Holly
was only twenty-four years old. Based on that average, one death every five or so years, she was
due again. She smacked the disturbing statistic away and wiped her sweating palms on her ski
Shielding her eyes from the sun, she looked up at the mountain peak. The snowcapped
granite wall jutted skyward like an enormous shark fin. It was an interesting color, like the rocks were
gilded in copper. She
wondered if that’s why it’d been named Whiskey Mountain. With each foot they rose, it appeared to
grow wider and higher, and the very tip glistened like a diamond.
The helicopter shot over the ski resort’s highest cable car station, leaving behind the last
signs of civilization. The lump of dread, deep in the pit of her stomach, hit a whole new level. The
white terrain stretched as far as she could see. Even the trees had given up trying to live here.
When Holly had suggested to Milton that they take a vacation, she’d envisaged lying in
hammocks on a deserted beach, sipping fancy drinks out of coconuts. Not this. Not high in the
mountains where snow and ice
blanketed every surface. Cold weather seeped into her bones. Her mother said it was because she
didn’t eat enough. Her fiancé said it was because she didn’t eat meat. Ever since their first date, two
years ago, Milton had been trying to coax her off her strict vegetarian diet.
“Having fun?” Milton beamed at her. His eyes were hidden behind mirrored glasses, but she
could picture the dazzle of excitement in his brown irises that she’d come to love.
Swallowing a bitter taste in her mouth, she decided to dodge his question. “It’s magnificent.”
The last thing she’d do was voice her fear, not when he looked to be enjoying it so much. And
especially not in front of Milton’s son, who’d commandeered the front seat next to the pilot. Kane had
visited more countries in his seventeen years than Holly had dreamed of.
He hated Holly…and had made it his mission to tell her so at every opportunity. He blamed
her for breaking up his parents’ marriage. She hadn’t. Their marriage was fractured long before
Milton strolled into the coffee shop where she worked.
Holly had suggested to Milton that a vacation would be the perfect opportunity for Kane to
get to know her better. She was desperate to prove to Milton’s son that she was worthy of his
father’s love. At least,
that’d been her plan.



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