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by Haley Cavanagh
Genre: SciFi Romance
One pre-apocalyptic Earth. One
desperate space mission to find a
solution. One unexpected alien.
When Dr. Sakota Thorell
signed onto the mission to scout out a new, habitable
planet, she knew
discovering extraterrestrial life was always a possibility.
But she never expected to find an alien adrift in space, nor for that
alien to be so intriguing. Sakota feels an instant and undeniable
attraction to Astraeus, but he represents a million possibilities,
and just as many threats.
There are others hunting
Astraeus, and his rescue may cost Earth its last hope.
Haley Cavanagh is
a military veteran, wife, and mother. She is an alumna
of Columbia College, a
musical theater nut, and she loves to dive into any book
that crosses her path. Haley resides with her family in the United
States and enjoys spending time with her husband and children when
she’s not writing. She loves to hear from her readers, and encourages
you to contact her via her website and social media. She also writes
under the name Roxanne D. Howard.
“What are you called? What’s your name?”
He opened his mouth, and she moved closer, eager for his first words. Instead, he focused on
her lips with obvious fascination. His intriguing eyes caught the light. Despite her
disappointment that he couldn’t speak, a rush went through her. Alien or not, he was the most
handsome man she’d ever laid eyes on, with the kind of ethereal elegance some upper-class,
privileged men on Earth spent fortunes on plastic surgery trying to achieve.
“It’s okay if you don’t want to talk, or if you can’t. We’ll get there. Now, I’m going to check you.”
She kept her voice gentle, as she might use with a child. She pressed the button to disengage
the protective bubble over the med bed and shone the retinal scanner in her own eye to
demonstrate. “I just need to look at your eyes with this.” She motioned with the scope to him. “It
won’t hurt. I promise.”
Warm puffs of his breath blew on her neck as she leaned in. She paused, noting the remarkable
eight-pointed star-shape of his pupils. The mutation was his one physical difference, and only if
one looked closely. The pupils dilated when hit by the scope’s light. She’d never seen eyes as
“You’re doing great,” she soothed. Her head burst with countless questions.Where are you
from? How did you get here? What do you want?
He appeared to like the cadence of her voice. His posture relaxed, and his breath against her
was steady. How long had she been staring into his eyes? Should she push her luck and try to
examine his mouth?
Before she could try, his finger stroked her inner arm. He was still restrained at the wrists, but
he could reach her.
She allowed it. He stroked a featherlight finger along her forearm. As he did so, his gaze never
left hers. She offered a kind smile. “That’s right. Friend. Sakota. Sa-ko-ta.”
He opened his mouth and let out a chicken-like squawk. “-Ota,” he said in a throaty, deep voice.
She raised her eyebrows. “Good. Very good.”
He tilted his head, watching her lips. “Gooood.”
Excited, she lowered the retinal light. “Can you understand me?”
He looked confused. “Me…”
“Okay. That’s a no. Then let me take this opportunity to say, in no uncertain terms, you, my
friend, are the stuff of dreams and legends. I’ve waited my whole life for this. Are you getting
this, Alistair?” she called out.
He came in over the speakers. “I am. Amazing. I’ll get to work on a linguistics program. Our
friend seems to want to communicate.”
She moved to pull away, but the man’s fingers closed over her wrist.
“Let me go.” She jerked her arm, but he wouldn’t release his grip. She gave him a cautionary
look, and he loosened his fingers, though he still held her. Warning bells went off.What if he’s
not here in peace?But his eyes sparkled impishly. He seemed to enjoy her skin pressed against
his. Maybe he hadn’t been touched in a while. Or maybe he had a crush. Who knew.
Before she could extricate herself, the intercom chimed. “Sakota, are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. He’s just being friendly—”
The man’s forefinger trailed along her arm again. She sucked in a breath and shut her eyes as a
series of images flashed through her mind.A high wall made of stacked stones. A hand spread
out to touch the tips of tall, golden wheat of a field. Multihued buildings in the distance under a
purple sky. Children’s laughter and then screams. She jerked when the images
changed.Strange rain, like metal. Black ships attacking from the sky, horrible screams which
rent the air, death.A gentle brush against her hand again. She inhaled and opened her eyes.
The man searched her, calm and patient. She struggled to see straight, but her mind spun.
“W-was that your—”
The isolation walls shot up. Rutledge burst into the room and advanced like an angry bear,
brutish, immaculate, and combat ready in his black Oceanstone fatigues. “Let her go,” he
Rutledge yanked the man’s hand off her and pushed her aside. She fell to the floor on her back
in a dizzy haze, reeling from the vision. She turned her head. The man bellowed and tore loose
from his restraints. His and Rutledge’s images faded into one as they collided and fought.
Rutledge’s weapon whirred as he strained to activate it. The rifle propelled over her head and hitthe wall.
“Stop.” Her pleas fell on deaf ears. She closed her eyes.
The men barged into the room with heavy footfalls and angry shouts. She opened her eyes, but
her vision swirled. The blurred image of the alien lifted Rutledge’s lieutenant like a kitchen chair
and catapulted him in the same direction as the weapon. “Stop,” she hollered to the men. “Don’t
shoot him. He wasn’t attacking me.”
Another soldier fell to the floor with a sick thud, holding his stomach. “Yeah? Well, he’s
The alien pounced over her, crouching low. He caged her with his body and made a guttural
rumble in his throat, a warning to the men. She turned her head to the marines, who zeroed
their weapons in on them.


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