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The Deep Sky Saga Book
by Greg Boose
Genre: YA Sci-fi
Date: 10/8/18
meets The 100 in this action-packed YA science fiction series.

and broken, orphaned teenager Jonah Lincoln reluctantly boards a
rescue ship bound for the planet Thetis, but not before it picks up a
few more surprising and dangerous survivors from the massacre on the
moon Achilles. After regaining his sight, Jonah sees the gated colony
on Thetis is just as he feared–cloaked in mystery and under an
oppressive rule with no one to trust–and that outside the walls,
it’s even worse. Surrounded by terrifying new landscapes and
creatures, Jonah and his friends fight to save the colony and restore
order to the planet.




The Deep Sky Saga Book
colonists find themselves stranded on an unpopulated moon—and not
as alone as they thought—in a series debut from the author of 
Red Bishop




year is 2221, and humans have colonized a planet called Thetis in the
Silver Foot Galaxy. After a tragic accident kills dozens of teenage
colonists, Thetis’s leaders are desperate to repopulate. So Earth
sends the 
state-of-the-art spaceship—across the universe to bring new
homesteaders to the colony.




orphaned teen Jonah Lincoln, the move to Thetis is a chance to
reinvent himself, to be strong and independent and brave, the way he
could never be on Earth. But his dreams go up in smoke when their
ship crash-lands, killing half the passengers and leaving the rest
stranded—not on Thetis, but on its cruel and unpopulated moon,




its bloodthirsty alien life forms and its distance from their
intended location, Achilles is a harrowing landing place. When all of
the adult survivors suddenly disappear, leaving the teenage
passengers to fend for themselves, Jonah doubts they’ll survive at
all, much less reach Thetis—especially when it appears Achilles
isn’t as uninhabited as they were led to believe.





fourth of six kids, Greg Boose grew up on a large produce farm
in northeast Ohio. He received his undergraduate degree from Miami
University, and then later received his M.F.A. at Minnesota State
University Moorhead where he focused on screenwriting and fiction. He
lives in Santa Monica with his two young daughters.
The gray grass under Jonah’s boots pops and shatters with every step. He follows the adults into the trees,
stepping where they step, bracing his hands where theirs just were. It’s hot and sticky, and his gray
jumpsuit clings to his skin like wet tissues.
“We found the yellow jacket right over there,” the woman says, pointing to the bottom of a large, twisted
tree. “Showed up in our headlights while we’re headed back to camp.”Jonah stares at the tree and the blood on its trunk, wondering why they didn’t leave the jacket where it
was for evidence, or immediately investigate once they found it. He also wonders whose blood it is. Did
Paul wake up and attack Dr. Z, ripping her jacket off and then chasing her into the forest? Or did Dr. Z
carve up Paul’s skin with some new message to warn the others?
He stumbles past everyone, making his own path, and soon finds himself standing on the edge of a cliff.
Half a mile below, thousands of geysers erupt in the valley, creating an enormous cloud of green mist that
hovers overhead, blocking out the sun. The cliff Jonah stands on goes on for miles and miles, almost
completely circling the valley. Way off on his right, a series of waterfalls descend the cliff into a giant
pool that narrows and funnels into a twisting stream, cutting right through the geysers on the valley floor.
“You see those little black dots in all those waterfalls?” the woman asks as she comes up behind him.
Jonah thinks he might see some black specks in the water when he squints but can’t be sure.
The woman holds her sheaf out in front of Jonah’s face and turns on the camera. She raises her chin,
triggering the zoom function, and suddenly it’s as if they’re hovering right above a waterfall halfway up
the cliff. On her screen, small horned animals with squashed, pig-like faces bob up and down in the water
above one of the falls. There are hundreds of them, maybe thousands. And they go over the falls
seemingly without worry, plummeting with their short arms held above their heads. The woman zooms in
even closer on a couple of the animals, following them all the way down the cliff, down waterfall after
waterfall, and when they finally reach the giant pool at the bottom, they go underwater and never
resurface, disappearing without a trace. Her sheaf scans the pool’s surface and then follows the stream
cutting through the valley. Not one of the animals floats through. Thousands keep coming down the falls,
and then they’re gone.
“Are they…Dying? Are they killing themselves?” Jonah asks.
“Maybe,” the woman answers. “But we don’t know for sure because we can’t find any bodies. They just,”
she snaps her fingers, “go away. Even with our drones, we can’t figure it out. Yet.”
Jonah watches for a few more seconds before his eyes are drawn to a splattering of blood near his feet.
There’s more to his left, and he quickly starts to follow it down a ridge that hugs the cliff’s edge.
“Yo, Firstie,” Vespa says behind him. “Wait up.”
The man with the ponytail suddenly pushes past Vespa and then Jonah, descending the ridge in a jog with
series of loud, hacking coughs, his head still nodding, his rifle bouncing on his back.
“He lives for this kind of stuff,” the woman says as she drops in line behind Vespa. The bald man takes
up the rear, whistling and clicking his tongue as if this is just a walk in the park.
“Does he keep nodding because of the…What’s wrong?” Vespa asks.
“It’s from the wormhole,” the woman says. “He hasn’t been able to stop moving his head ever since we
went through two years ago. Even does it in his sleep, from what I’ve heard.”
The ridge continues to descend and curve left, ending at a large, circular space dotted with cave entrances.
As Jonah comes down the final steps of the ridge, he doesn’t know where to look: at the half-circle of
black doorways punched into the stone, or at the small sculptures all around him; rocks of all sizes and
shapes are stacked on top of each other, balancing and wobbling in the swirling wind that sweeps through

the area.
“Who the hell made those?” Vespa asks.
A low groan comes from one of the caves. The man with the ponytail whips his gun off his back and
looks through his scope, nodding and bobbing the barrel of the rifle from cave to cave until pointing at
one on the left. “He’s in there.”

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  1. Of the two my favorite cover is the Thetis cover. My question for the author is where do you get your ideas for your stories.

  2. I’m not sure whether I would be interested in reading these as I am not a sci fi buff but the fans who are I am sure would love to read them. The art work on the covers are awesome.

  3. I like the Achilles cover because it has a certain eerie sense to it. I have no question for the author.

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