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Live on TV3: Palm Springs
The Broadcast Murder Series Book 2
by Bill Evans
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
California’s Palm Springs was a hotbed for movie stars, big
money and high crime,
making it a great town to be a TV news reporter and police detective
in the ’80s and ’90s.
There, we see the
explosive Sonny Bono rise to mayor before he

becomes a US Congressman, we meet Frank

Sinatra and his wife at exclusive dinner
parties, and journey with a hard-nosed cast of police and newsroom
personalities mingling among the stars while trying to solve a
pyramid scheme and murders. Evans provides a candid insider’s view of
newsroom operations and scheming TV personalities who will do
anything to get ahead.

Palm Springs is the prequel to Evan’s

first novel, Murder

at Broadcast Park. Learn how Stewart,

and the ever unsuspecting Dugan

built a broadcasting empire.



Bill Evans is a 45 year broadcast veteran who has turned writer. His first

novel, Murder at Broadcast Park, was released in October, 2017 by
Koehler Books. His second book in the Broadcast Murder series will be
released in the summer of 2018. Both books are being considered for
TV Movies. Bill writes with a lot of dialogue and in the words of his
publisher, “doesn’t use a lot of word calories.”

With his experience and insight of what goes on behind the scenes in the
broadcast world, Bill’s novel is able to paint a vivid picture of
what really happens when the cameras are off. Leaving you on the edge
of your seat, you will not want to put “Murder at Broadcast
Park” down. The story is fiction with so much non-fiction thrown
in you might not know the difference by the time you finish.
Currently Bill resides on California’s beautiful Central Coast. He
continues to
have a passion in the broadcast world and working in local media.
Bill has developed a love of writing and is excited about the
launching of his writing career.

TOM PRESTON HEARD Jennie Neeley introduce him from the news anchor desk.
Three . . . two . . . one . . .
“Tom Preston is on assignment outside the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Palm Springs. TV3 has
uncovered a major Ponzi scheme involving some very highprofile business people and
educational leaders from our desert communities.”
“Jennie, that’s right. I’ve been working on this story for the past three weeks—”
The television monitor suddenly went blank.
Jennie and the TV viewers couldn’t see the pandemonium and chaos erupting on Palm Canyon,
the street in front of the Hyatt Hotel. The TV3 live truck had exploded, spewing metal, shrapnel,
and bodies everywhere.
“Shit, what happened to our live shot? Our truck is dead.” The TV3 production control room
scrambled to figure out what went wrong. “Get Tom onthe phone.”
“Somebody find out what’s going on out there!” Johnny Johnson shouted.
JJ, as he was called, was the news producer and commanded the troops. He reported to the
news director, the head person in the newsroom. He was like a sergeant in a foxhole, taking
orders from his lieutenant and keeping his control room calm as everyone scrambled around
trying to find out what had happened. JJ cued Neeley and told her to get them into a commercial
Losing a live shot was not all that uncommon for a small-market television station in 1987.
However, TV3 had fixed most of their technical problems over the years, and people in the know
thought they were a technically sound station.
Their problem tonight was beyond any technical issues they could have imagined.
Outside the Hyatt, the scene looked like something from a Third World country. First responders
—police, fire, ambulances—poured onto the scene. TV3’s main anchor, Tom Preston, had been
doing a rare standup, anchoring his investigative story on location. He was found on the ground
unconscious, his shirt splattered with blood and cuts on his head. There was a second body
facedown about a hundred feet away. It was Terry Lynch, the photographer responsible for
running the live truck and camera for Tom Preston’s story.
Glen Barnes was the first detective on the scene from the Palm Springs Police Department.Sandi DiSanto, his partner, arrived moments later. The police were quick to cordon off a half-
block radius for their crime team. Tom drifted out of his unconscious state just in time to watch

the EMTs perform CPR on his photographer. Tom tried to get on his feet and over to where
Lynch was dying.
He wasn’t able to stand, collapsing only to have his fall stopped by one of the attending EMTs.
Tom slipped back into unconsciousness.
Neeley sat on the anchor desk inside the studio trying not to be pissed. She took it personally
whenever something like this happened. The main anchor was the face of the station. It was
easy to be mad at her engineers and the loss of the live shot. The station had been promoting
the story for two days, and it was disappointing to everyone involved in tonight’s newscast. The
live shot was the whole story.
Jack Router, TV3’s news director, rushed into the news production control room. “What
happened to our live shot?” he screamed.
Jack was a serious newsman; he pushed his newsroom kids to take their game to a
considerably higher level than what a television station in market 163 should be performing at.
He called to an assistant. “I’m going out to the Hyatt. Keep Jennie in the anchor chair. Roll the
other live truck and let’s get some more reporters down there. We need to figure this out on the
run until we know what’s going on. Call everyone in and see if we have someone close to the
Jack ran out of the control room, out the station door and to his station vehicle in the parking lot.


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