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Kayden McLeod
Paranormal Romance
seemed so normal before I met the perfect guy. Then everything




swimming and camping is the picture perfect vacation for Katrina. She
needs a break from what has become her everyday life. She meets
Kalvyn, tall, dark, with captivating green eyes. The attraction is
instant, highly sexual, skittering on the edge of dangerous. In her
heart, she knows there is something about Kalvyn he isn’t saying.
When strange sighting of wild cats in the campgrounds, her life falls
to shambles, and she has nowhere to turn. Kalvyn tries to protect
her, but what man can protect the woman he loves, from himself?


McLeod is a paranormal and fantasy author, who dreams big, and writes
bigger. She gets her inspirations from all manners of life and events
that surround her. She is best known for her paranormal books, the
Coven Series. Now, she embarks on new adventures in the dark world of
Shadowdyn, found in the pages of the Demon Queen Series. As well, she
has started to write her first YA fantasy books under the name Kinsey
is an award winning Cover and Graphic Artist, and the co-owner of
Otherworlds Publicity. In the past, she’s completed cover
art for a variety of publishers, although her freelance makes up
most of her portfolio.
He circled me, and I rotated with him. “Come now, Katrina. Tell me, have you ever done
anything truly exhilarating, pushing past your limits until you couldn’t see them anymore?
Something that made your heart race, adrenaline pumping through you?”
The naughty answer that flashed in my mind never left my mouth. But it flashed in my
eyes. My cheeks burned. He threw his head back and laughed.
“Okay, perhaps the wrong description. Ever jumped out of a plane?”
“Hell no.”
“Bungee jumped?”
“Now you’re just teasing me.”
“True. Okay. Realism I can do. Ridden a roller coaster?”
“No. I don’t trust those things.”
He stopped. So did I.
“Is there anything you do trust?” He said. Yeah, Lola. But that went without saying. “It’s
time for a change, Katrina. It’s time for you to step out of your suffocating box. Life isn’t life,
until you live it.”
“By jumping off of a cliff?”
“For you, baby steps are necessary.” He turned me around and pointed over the edge. “To
feel the wind running through your hair, caressing your skin. The freefall is how you break free
from oppression.” He wrapped his fingers around my wrist, and walked around me. “Take a leap
of faith. Find your freedom. Live.”
Oh my God, he pouted. He actually stuck out that temptingly full bottom lip and batted
his eyelashes!
“I’m afraid of heights.”“Ahh, fear. Mankind’s greatest crippling block. Fear is of the unknown, until you crash
through barriers, take fate by the hair and make her your bitch.”
Now that’s a visual for you.
“And if I break something?”
“We’re hitting deep water down there, not concrete. I wouldn’t ask you to do something,
if there was a chance you would hurt yourself. I’ve jumped much higher.”
“Only you could make a rational argument out of this.”
“Is that a yes?”
“If I die, I’ll kill you.” No, the contradiction was not lost on me.
“I will keep you safe, Katrina. I gave you my protection. That is no small thing.”
I rolled my eyes to hide my nervousness. “Fine. Let’s do this.”
“I promise you won’t regret this.”
I snickered. “You promise a lot.”
“I never break my promises. Once you get to know me, you will understand what honor
and integrity mean to me.”
I swallowed. “Yeah, yeah. Let’s plummet to our impending death before I lose my
“My, my. I think I am insulted with your pessimism. Tomorrow, we shall work on that.”
He didn’t give me a chance to reply. He yanked on my arm, and we ran at the cliff full

Upon a Midnight Quarrel
I am thrilled to share a little bit about some of the characters in Jaguar. There is more than one threat the
main couple must encounter. Along with their friends, they will battle to be on top.
The supporting characters of Jaguar are just as important as the main couple.
Katrina’s best friend Lola, is the comic relief, the antithesis of Kat. She has a surefire wit, and an unique
view of the world. Syber is Kalvyn’s right hand man, his advisor and friend. He feels protective of the
willowy woman. This relationship weaves a tight friendship among the four.
On the flip side, we have Bianca and Sadie. Kalvyn took them in as orphans. Bianca is a conniving,
selfish being, who clawed her way to the top, and into Kalvyn’s bed. However, Kalvyn saw her for what
she was: a bully. He broke up with her, but didn’t cast Bianca and Sadie out. The women plot to regain
their foothold, regardless what Kalvyn wanted.
The dynamic distracts them from the very real threat in the wood. At the very edges of society is a group
of people who know what Kalvyn and his friends are. And they are on the way to wipe them all from the
face of the earth.

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