Drinking Responsibly for the Holidays

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I work in a hospital.  Everyday I see people that are injured.  There’s a lot of reasons for a person to end up in the hospital.  Everything from acts of natures to self-harm, to mistakes, accidents, to downright negligence.  Some of the hardest ones are seeing people effected by drunk drivers.  There they are driving along having a normal day or a fun night then BOOM everything changes.

I took a bartending class years ago.  It was my idea for a fall back career if my first career didn’t work out.  One thing I remember them offering is something called TIPS certification. TIPS stands for Training for Interventional Procedures.   It’s used to train people for the responsible sale, service, and consumption of alcohol.  Bartenders, waitstaff, restaurant managers, etc can all be TIPS certified.  The idea is to educate people to know when to stop serving people and serve legally.  One thing I learned is drinks with a lot of alcohol in them like Alabama Slammers and Long Island Iced teas have 4 shots of hard liquor in them.  You are not supposed to serve more than 2 to any person in a day.  If it is obvious that a person is impaired, you should stop serving them as well.  Not all places have TIPS certified staff.

I actually made the choice to pay the extra money to get TIPS certified.  I never ended up using my bartending certificate except for person parties but it’s kinds of a neat skill to have.  There’s bars in every state in the US.

Many places will also have no problem calling a cab, Uber, or other form of transportation for you if you need.  While an individual is at fault for their own choice of drinking and driving a bar or restaurant can be found liable too if they are sued.  I’ve heard instances of drunk drivers wrecking their vehicle then suing the bar because they served them too much.  And guess what? They won.  Sounds crazy I know but it just begs to show how making responsible choices all around can save lives and money.

With the holidays coming, there will be many holiday parties and seasonal spirits flowing. Have fun but make sure you’re enjoying your holiday parties responsibly. Line up a ride home with a DD, ride share service like Uber or Lyft, or cab service number on  hand. For those that know this story all too well it’s good to line up a good lawyer like this tampa personal injury attorney   I pray you never need to.




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