HourGlass Angel Review & Coupon Link

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I received a review sample at no cost in order to complete this review. Any opinions expressed are my own.

I’m a Dealspotr Influencer and I’ve founds some awesome coupons on Dealspotr including one for HourGlass Angel which I’m going to talk to you about.

Corsets and waist trainers seem to be making a big comeback.  You’re seeing celebs like Kim Kardashian and and Snooki trying it out.  You see corsets as a fashion statement or accessory from people like Nikki Minaj and Christina Aguilera.  And man, there are some stylish corsets out there.

I honestly only wanted a simple one. I wanted something that was comfortable that I could wear under a dress or shirt to help hide my belly for special occasions.   Hourglass Angel has all types of corsets and waist trainers from simple to highly fashionable.

The below pictures is me in a more form fitting shirt I own. Unfortunately you can see some of my lumps and bumps and not the ones I’d like to show off.


I put on my corset which at first I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get on.  It had a lot of hooks like bra hooks but mine had some stretch to it and once I got a few done, the rest were easy.

You can see in this pictures my belly looks more taught. The “love handles” aren’t as obvious”  I tried it on over top of shirts so you can see how this particular corset looks.

As you can see mine is plain and is not meant to be showing.  Mine allows me to move more which I need with having 4 kids and a healthcare job.  I do think it helps to enhance my bust area too.  Hourglass Angel has tons of different options, colors, and styles.  You’re sure to find what you want.

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