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Mandate: A Radical Cause
M.R. Richardson
SciFi, Space Opera
galaxy is in turmoil. The two main powers, the Acolyte Empire and the
Clone Defense Force, vie for supremacy. 




in between are the weaker Galactic Planetary League and independent
planets, pawns to be used and discarded in the greater game. The
peace of the galaxy rests on a powder keg…and the fuse is about to
be lit.



the son of the Acolyte Emperor God-Reign, Devante lives a life of
power and luxury that few can fathom.



childhood, he has devoted his life to one thing: freeing the clone
slaves of the CDF and banning the practice of cloning throughout the
galaxy. But he is about to uncover a secret that goes to the heart of
the empire he loves and serves, one that will set him on a course of
vengeance and destruction that will shake the galaxy to its



this backdrop of war, treachery, and intrigue, Galactic Mandate tells
an epic saga of god-emperors and assassins, spies and queens,
princesses and slaves.



lives of all will be irrevocably changed as Devante embraces his
destiny—for when empires collide, no one is safe, and there is no
place in the galaxy to hide.



Richardson is a new African-American science fiction author. He hopes
to spread a new type of story. Something raw, and original that
everyone over 18 can enjoy.

Richardson is the author of Galactic Mandate: A Radical Cause, and
the founder of Room 10 Publishing.

A clear, simulated sky covered the dome, its fake sun feeling just as warm as any real one.
Insects buzzed around, birds chirped, and the tropical bio-dome was full of life. Devante, a timid
boy, sat near his father, Reign, waiting for the hover car to arrive. It wasn’t long before an
immense tank-like vehicle pulled up, loaded with all the hunting gear they required.
“Take this shotgun,” Reign ordered. Looking down, he saw Devante’s eyes raised with concern.
“It will get the job done quickly. Trust me. You don’t want this to linger on.”
Devante stopped inspecting the gun and jumped aboard the hovering SUV. Then they were off
on their journey to complete the hunt.
About forty-five minutes passed while they tracked broken branches, searching for their prey.
Frustrated at not finding anything, the driver called out, “We can always call it a day. There’ll be
plenty of hunting to do tomorrow.”
“Hell no,” yelled Reign. “I paid good money for this. We get this done or we stay out here.”
Devante felt his sense of relief fade away at his father’s words. Suddenly, a bush shook, and the
driver fired at it. Laser fire scorched the air as he took two quick shots.
The entire party set out on foot, rushing after their quarry. Devante quickly outpaced his father,
following close behind the driver, who was an expert tracker. Soon, they heard a human voice
up ahead shouting, “Ahh!” This was followed by a thud. Suddenly, a rock struck the driver’s
face, and he smacked against the ground with another thud.
Devante looked down, his eyes focused on the sight before him. His mouth curled down in a
frown, and his eyes watered. The emotions flooding through him made his skin crawl with
horror. An exact copy of himself stared back, equally shocked.
The firm hands of his father came to rest on his shoulders. “Take the shot, son.”

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