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Binding Witch and the Bounty Hunter
Kate Roark Magic Series Book 2
Laura Rich
YA Fantasy
thought she’d never unlock her powers—let alone trigger them by
creating a familiar out of a cross-eyed pigeon.
she can celebrate the good news, a terrifying bounty hunter kidnaps
her mother. 
In a race against time to save her mother,
Kate runs afoul of a dragon, and even worse, the most feared
creatures in existence—the dreaded forest gnomes. To top it all
off, she discovers long-lost magical family members who maybe should
have stayed lost. Kate is finally a witch—but it just might kill
you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars and iZombie, you’ll
be rooting for this strong, snarky teen girl on every page.
Two of the Kate Roark Magic Series – discover this fast-paced,
fun-filled magical read today!


Binding Witch and the Fortune Taker
Kate Roark Magic Series Book 1
Binding Witch and the Fortune Taker is the first in a series and a
17,500 word novelette.




up homeschooled on the Renaissance Festival circuit is weird enough,
but when you’re the daughter of a powerful binding witch who makes a
living as a fortune teller, and your best friend is a middle-aged
sari vendor, weird is relative.



Kate Roark desperately wants to be a witch but isn’t – yet. It’s not
likely at her age until she meets the Fortune Taker and gets a taste
of unimaginable power – but at what cost?



to choose between keeping stolen power or making her magic dreams
come true, her ultimate decision throws her entire world into



as “book candy”, and “compulsively readable,” The
Binding with and the Fortune Taker is the first in the Kate Roark
Magic Series from emerging YA fantasy writer, Laura Rich.


Rich is an emerging author of young adult fantasy fiction about
witches. She loves to read in a hammock with a glass of iced tea,
bake cookies, garden and dress up for Halloween as (you guessed it) a
witch. She lives in Texas with her family and works as full-time
project manager. Magic may be involved in pulling all this off.
Alick gestured between us. “What I really need is help wi’ a dragon.”
“Come again?” I stared at the little man. “I’m sorry. I thought I heard you say ‘a dragon.’”
“Aye, just a wee one though,” Alick said, holding his hands about two feet apart. “She
bolted for Elsereach five days ago w’ a precious treasure that belongs to the forest gnomes. We
want it back.”
I snorted. “You think I can get it for you?”
“I think ye’r a witch, that’s what.” He shrugged. “Ye have magic. Dragons have magic. It’ll
be easy for the likes o’ ye, where it’s not easy fur th’ likes o’ us.”
“Interesting.” It was starting to look more and more as if our meeting with the coyotes was
planned. Also, if you counted Leo, this was my second request for aid from a paranormal being.
Was this what I had to look forward to from now on as a witch? “What did she take?”
“A treasure chest, about yea big,” Alick said, again holding his hands about two feet apart.
Either Alick thought everything was about two feet wide, or he was prone to

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