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From Grace
of Angels Book 1
Ron C. Nieto
Urban Fantasy
was meant to be a timeless prison. It’s not.



Black, former Archangel of Secret Knowledge, wants some peace of mind
after untold millennia locked up in Hell, but the guilt of inhabiting
a body that is not his own and of having left behind his brothers and
sisters still damned to solitary confinement eats him up inside.



sins are hard to cleanse.



thinks he can atone by doing the right thing—play the older brother
to his host body’s kin while upturning every secret buried in
Creation until he finds a way to free every single angel who fell—but
with every fact uncovered, he finds himself one step further from the
release he craves and one step closer to more chains that



the only way to be at peace with himself is to face a new war head


To Freedom
of Angels Book 2
am a demon possessing the body of the late Malik Sadik. 

the former Archangel of Truth now inhabits the body of coffeehouse
barista Malik Sadik. But Malik wasn’t a willing participant to this
possession, not like Henry Black. The human Henry Black willingly
gave over his body to the Archangel of Secret Knowledge. Malik, on
the other hand, was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.
still feel human. 
Malik still feels human. But he’s not human and a war is brewing.
When Hell threatens to unravel and its black hunger eats and corrupts
those Malik has learned to care about, he must make a choice between
what he knew as an angel and what he has begun to feel as a man.
what happens when Truth isn’t right?
C. Nieto is a fantasy and romance author who has been writing in her
secluded fortress for the longest time. Recently, she had a talk with
her cat and decided that she should share her creations, because it
was selfish to hoard them all for herself.



John knocked on a broom closet.
Okay, maybe it isn’t a broom closet, but it’s the same size as one.
“Come in,” Black called out.
John opened the door and they filed in. Like a joke from an old Marx Brothers
show. The tiny office didn’t have windows, and the desk inside was made of aluminum
and steel, one of those cheap things old men bought at Home Depot for their DIY
dreams. It had a laptop to one side and two piles of paper to the other. The top sheet of
each pile was covered in designs and diagrams, sketched in different colors. The pens
used were lined up, straight as a ruler, each pen a quarter of an inch apart. The whole
table spelled out “Spartan OCD,” and behind it sat Henry Black.
Albino. Certified genius. And former Archangel of Secret Knowledge.
Not a cop, even though he was currently running Detroit’s Fifth Police Precinct.
Black gestured for them to sit down. The small room had four chairs for visitors,
two in front of the desk and two lined up against the wall. All four of them were also
cheap Home Depot purchases, and the steel groaned when John plopped down. Malik
sat at the cop’s right, and Ed closed the door and hovered in front of it.
“Found anything yet?” John asked, nodding to the piles of paper.
Black smiled, the corners of his lips tucking up on one side, and he finished the
diagram he’d been working on before adding the sheet to one of his piles.
Green drawing. What did that mean? Damn, the man color codes too much.“Why don’t you tell me what you found?” he shot back, ignoring John’s
John grinned and relaxed. Black brushing him off didn’t bother him, or at least it
didn’t bother him as much as it pained Malik.
“Well,” he began, “you were right this time. We found one of those corrupted
people. A woman.” His smile lost its luster, the memory of the raid weighting on the
Black nodded. Damn smug bastard.
“Did you see anyone else? Any… ah, clue that might reveal an incident?” he
“Just the woman. And her babe. No one else, no signs of violence or anything.”
John stopped, hesitated. “You know, it would help a lot if you were more specific about
these ‘clues’ we’re meant to look for.”
“I do know,” Black said. Smug, smug bastard. He drummed his fingers on the
desk, playing a soft tune. His gaze slipped high for a moment, as if lost in thought, but
he didn’t look sad or sorry. We’ve just told him this damn incident of his touched a baby
and see if he cares. “Any anomaly?” he asked.
Nope. Nothing beyond the fact that we were dealing with Hell and possessed
humans, and somehow this has become our normal life.

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About Angie

I'm a wife and a a mom of 4: 3 boys and a girl. I also have 3 fur babies, cats named Soleil, Luna, and a Savannah cat name Malkia. I work part-time outside my home as a COTA/L at a local hospital. I cover Johnstown, Altoona, and Pittsburgh areas. I love to do reviews and host giveaways for my readers. Contact me: angwith4 at gmail dot com if you would like a review.


  1. Julie Bickham says:

    Interesting cover, makes me want to find out more!

  2. ken ohl says:

    this is a cover that I think my wife would love

  3. James Robert says:

    I appreciate getting to read about another great book since I have so many big readers in my family. Thank you and also I appreciate the giveaway and opportunity to win.

  4. Chrystal D says:

    The guys are cute!

  5. Ann Fantom says:

    I like the cover. Very interesting!

  6. I like the cover.

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    It looks like Justin Bieber grew wings.

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    The cover looks great.

  9. The dialogue really pulls me in – great excerpt!

  10. Azeem Isaahaque says:

    Love this book alot!!!

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    Cover reflects the book plot well.

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    I think the man on the cover is very handsome.

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  15. David Hollingsworth says:

    The cover looks sexy.

  16. Allison Swain says:

    The covers are very nice! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  17. Ashley C says:

    The book cover looks unique.

  18. Kyl Neusch says:

    I like the cover.

  19. Cathy Truman says:

    Like the cover looks very interesting

  20. Christina Gould says:

    I’ve never read a book about angels. This should be interesting. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I like the wing theme

  22. Shelby Gil says:

    I like it! 🙂

  23. susan smoaks says:

    this would be a great book to read, i like the cover

  24. It sounds like an interesting read.

  25. Julie Waldron says:

    I think the cover is mysterious.

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    Sounds great, I love the cover.

  27. JASON JENNINGS says:

    loe it

  28. Stephanie Liske says:

    It looks good.

  29. I love the effect of the wings on the covers. Great job!

  30. Lisa Brown says:

    I enjoyed getting to know your book and thanks for the chance to win

  31. Debbie B says:

    I Ilove the cover and this sounds like an interesting book!

  32. Mendy Dinsmore says:

    I really love the color. The coloring is eye catching.

  33. jodi Hassel says:

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    Nice cover! What is your greatest inspiration for writing?

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    I think the book cover is well done. nothing stands out in an awkward manner. the font and coloring are pleasing to the eye

  45. Debbi Wellenstein says:

    A question for the author: What time of day do you write? Do you have a set routine?

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