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The Stars That Rise at Dawn
Šehhinah Book 1
By Ivana Skye
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Yenatru had always had trouble making friends. So he didn’t expect that

he’d have such an easy time befriending Lucifer…

Meanwhile, his one previous friend Elīya is still not over the loss of the
third member of their friend group, Tamar. She disappeared one day to
become one of God’s Holy, and as far as Elīya’s concerned,
nothing’s ever been the same. It doesn’t help that her university
philosophy program is turning out much less interesting than she’d hope.
It could be that Yenatru’s weird new friend has just the skills she
needs to solve all her problems. But in order to get Lucifer’s
help, she’ll have to confront parts of herself she’s never dared to.

The Birds That Fly at Dusk
Šehhinah Book 2

Celyet’s been trying to keep her head low ever since she left the camp of

demons she grew up in. But then she actually talks to a barista at
the local coffee shop. And then an angel gets involved…

Celyet finds nothing more terrifying than
the idea of being misued or
misinterpreted by people. That’s why she hasn’t been talking to
anyone for half a year. But when she challenges herself to visit
somewhere in town she’s never been, she ends up making a terrible
mistake, bringing her time spent hiding to an abrupt end.
Sän may work at a coffee shop, but that doesn’t mean they know how to
comfort people. But they really want to find a way to make a
difference for that sad-looking demon who keeps coming in.
And just because the shop’s owned by the angel Jibril doesn’t mean
that they’re going to stop by anytime soon and start flinging puns
at people … right?

The Lives That Argue For Us

Šehhinah Book 3

Teśena and Kjorel have been in an open relationship for years. But when

Kjorel leaves to travel for eight months, Teśena doesn’t really
have anyone else to turn to. Well, except the most powerful person in
the world…

Everyone knows God
is made of fire. So of course no one would ever suggest that the
easily-overwhelmed Teśena try praying to Them. Then why, when Teśena
tries to do exactly that in a moment of desperation, do they seem to
get along so well?
On the other
side of the world, Kjorel’s dealing with a loneliness of his own.
That is, until he starts his visit to the city of Ēnnuh, and finds a
boyfriend within a few days. With no way to contact Teśena, he can
only hope their previous agreements stand … or that Teśena will
improbably find a way to communicate with him anyway.
After all, what’s a few thousand miles when you have God on your side?

Ivana Skye is a disaster without a permanent address, who much like her

characters, spends a lot of time navigating the transition into
adulthood and screaming. Oh, and writing. She does a lot of that too.

Despite currently being in the middle of multiple months
of travel through various countries she is not from, she still
retains a strong connection to the state of Colorado, where she will
probably permanently live. Eventually.

[Excerpt from The Stars that Rise at Dawn:]
“Most people think of you as somewhat dignified,” Yenatru points out. “Someone with
pride. Impressive.”
Lucifer clutches a hand to her chest. “Ow, don’t go implying I don’t have pride.
I like being prideful! ’S fun.”
“You are attempting and failing to banter with some really shy boy you met in a
university library,” Yenatru says, deadpan.
“I did say I was pathetic,” Lucifer says with a smile. “Do you believe me now?”
Yenatru thinks about that for a moment, then nods. “Yes. Yes, I believe you.”
Lucifer’s smile turns harder, almost determined. “Good.”

[Excerpt from the prologue of The Stars that Rise at Dawn:]
But there’s no fear anywhere in her. She’s looked. She’s said to herself so many times
today: if I have any hesitation, I’ll stop, I won’t do it. But she has none. And maybe that’s what
should scare her.
It doesn’t, though.
Besides, she only just a month back graduated secondary school, was officially
declared an adult. This is exactly the right time to decide to become something, not for any
reason she can quite name, but because everything in her says yes and nothing in her says no,
and what kind of person would she be if she didn’t listen to that?

[Excerpt from the prologue of The Birds that Fly at Dusk:]
She presses her hand against the clay at her side, lets the softness of it sink into her
skin. It’s almost strange to touch her soul, except not strange at all: it feels like home.
Everything she is meant to be, and she is meant to be so much.

[Excerpt from The Lives that Argue for Us:]
Teśena’s not quite sure how this works, how to think to someone who’s this here with
aer, but ae tries, ae imagines almost an opening up of the memory of it all—and somehow this
act, this unfurling, itself gently glows.
A thousand wings shift again, eyes made of fire open and close, wheels made of fire
turn and turn. And the fire of God’s wings moves as if closer to aer, almost as if laughing,
understanding, something like a mirror wrapped in one of the wheels reflecting.
Teśena has made terrible, impulsive decisions, ae understands.
And God seems to respect that in the way God respects Themself.


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