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Please NOTE for my usual readership. This is definitely an adult content book. I had been posting excerpts for the books but I refrained on this one since it did not fit in with my family friendly blog.

Self’s Blossom
by David Russell
Genre: Adult Romance

A romantic, erotic tale of a vivid portrayal of the quest for the inner

truth, empowerment and sexual liberation of Selene, a woman searching
for primeval abandon and reckless adventure.

Intelligent, a university graduate and a successful careerist, Selene
emotionally scarred by unhappy relationships. Riled and taunted
through the years by her former college roommate Janice, Selene gave
in to the long-term desire to ‘get one back’ at Janice by having
a passionate holiday encounter.
Immediately drawn to the sea and enthralled by its brutal yet sensual
Selene seduces a young boy on a deserted beach. Once she comes to
meet the mature and powerful Hudson, Selene finally begins to claim
her sensual destiny.
Through a slow process, accentuated by Selene’s shyness, introspection
circumspection, she embarks on a long and elaborate interplay of
leading on and rejection. The volcanic passion builds until there is
a blazing row. A possible drowning, the final ritual undressing at
long last, leads to the ultimate flowering of the woman Selene was
meant to be.
Born in
the UK, 1940. David has been writing erotica since the mid-1980s.
Published extensively in magazines and anthologies (including
anthologies from Forward Press in Peterborough UK.
Book Publications ‘Prickling Counterpoints’ (Selected Poetry & Prose),
Deadline Books 1998, ‘Romantic Undress’ (Erotic Poetry & Prose)
JazzClaw Publications 2000. Current romantica/erotica publications
are ‘Self’s Blossom’ (novella), and ‘Explorations’ (short story),
published by Devine Destinies; ‘Therapy Rapture’ (poetry,prose and
artwork) published by Rose Dog Books. Forthcoming are two short
stories, ‘My Dream of Madonna/An Ecstatic Rendezvous’, to be
published by XoXo Publishing.
Also recorded singer-songwriter: vinyl album, ‘Bricolage’
recorded by Billy Childish for Hangman Records 1992;
CD albums ‘Bacteria Shrapnel’ and ‘The Burglars of Britain’ (1998)


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