My La La Leggings is MORE than Leggings and they’re Introducing Dresses!!

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This post does contain affiliate links. Any opinions expressed are my own.

I bought a shirt, pair of shorts, and some capris last summer from a local person from My La La Leggings.  I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t expect too much since they were a brand I hadn’t really heard of.  I thought, oh it’s just one of those companies trying to ride off the coat tails for that other famous legging company.  But the prices were better, shipping was free, I wanted new clothes for the summer, and figured I was supporting a local business.

Well I got My La La Leggings shirt, shorts, and capris and they are some of my favorite summer items to wear. Super soft, fits me very nicely, and they’re affordable.

I liked them so much that when looking for some new clothes I tried My La La Leggings again.  I have a cardigan, mommy & me soccer leggings, and a single pair of leggings coming.   They should be here some time this week!

Then they dropped a bomb on me.  Tomorrow, My La La Leggings is launching dresses!  Oh my gosh these will be perfect for the spring, summer, and my vacation!

Here’s what I like about My La La Leggings:

  • Super soft and comfortable
  • You can see the patterns and styles available and order online on your own time. No waiting for parties or lives if you don’t want to.
  • More than just leggings: capris, tanks tops, cardigans, mommy & me sets, shorts, and now dresses!
  • Affordable and FREE shipping!

I’m a new My La La Leggings affiliate.  I became an affiliate because I honesty LOVE their clothing.  The styles change frequently on the site so if you see something you want you better grab it!  Also in my opinion the shorts run a little small so I would buy 1 size bigger in the shorts.  Everything else is true to size in  my experience.