Stockpile Gift Cards 50% off!! And get $5 in FREE stock

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I am a big fan and current investor with Stockpile.  I’ve talked about Stockpile in previous posts but a quick blurb about it because I  have to get to this deal for those that already know!  Stockpile allows you to buy fractional stock making investing on a budget do-able! For instance, let’s say you’ve always wanted to invest in Google but Google is at $1000 per share.  Well you might not have $1000 laying around to invest in just 1 share of stock. Maybe you have $100 to invest though.  You could take that $100 and invest it in Google on Stockpile and own 1/10th share of Google stock.  That’s just an example of course.  There are many stocks available to choose from.

If you’re not registered for Stockpile yet you can register here and get $5 in free stock!

Once you’re registered OR if you’re already registered you have got to take advantage of this Groupon deal!  Pay just $10 for a $20 Stockpile gift card! That’s like getting another $10 in free stock!!!  I definitely just grabbed mine.

Stockpile also let’s you set up custodial account for your children. You could use this Groupon deal to gift them a Stockpile gift card!  That’s what I’m going to do for my eldest son!



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