72 Hours of Emergency Food Supply at a Reasonable Price from My Patriot Supply

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Whether you are a survivalist, prepper, or just want to have an emergency food source that has a long shelf life for the unexpected, My Patriot Supply has you covered.

While I don’t consider myself a survivalist or prepper, I do believe in planning for emergencies.  I try to keep bottled water or jugs of fresh water in the house at all times.  I think we all know if there is a water line break, or a natural disaster that contaminates the local water having bottled fresh water on hand is definitely a good idea.  But have you considered food?

My Patriot Supply has many options for food with a long shelf life for emergencies or outdoor survival.  Like the 72 hour food supply with a shelf life of 25 years if unopened.  It has 16 servings of food for emergencies.  Now I’ve seen kits that have tons of food for nearly $500.  I just can’t justify spending that much on food we may never eat.  The 72 hour food supply bag from My Patriot Supply however, is only $28.99.  72 hours could get someone through a bad snow storm who may not be able to leave the house for groceries, 72 hours could be a camping trip,  throw a couple of the packets in a backpack when hiking “just in case”.  There could be a number of reasons for anyone to have a emergency food source available for several days.


Why would you want to have a 72 hour emergency food source available? Tell me your reason(s)

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