Snails Nail Safe Nail Polish for the Little Princess

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Do you have a little girl, grand-daughter, or niece that’s a girly girl.  Maybe she wants to do what the big girls do which includes getting her nails painted.  Regular nail polishes can contain chemicals and other ingredients that can be harsh on a little ones gentle skin or just not good for them if they would put their hands in their mouth or if they’re a nail biter.

Snails Nail has a fantastic solution.  Snails Nail is a safe, non-toxic nail polish made just for little girls.  It’s made and packaged in France which adheres to Europe’s strict cosmetics laws and standards. It’s hypo-allergenic, free of parabens, and uses non-toxic colorants.  Don’t worry about having to use a harsh nail polish remover to get it off either.  You can remove Snails Nail with simple soap and water!

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Having my first little girl I was so excited to try this.  I couldn’t wait for the day I could do my daughter’s nails.  I tried it on myself first just to see what it was like.

snail nails sweetheart snail nails washable nail polish

I received two colors from their collection.  Sweetheart which is shown in the top picture. It’s a dark pink color.  I also received Raspberry Pie which is a shimmery purple which you can see in my YouTube video where I demonstrate how easy it is to remove Snails Nail safe nail polish. It applies smoothly.  Two coats is recommended and I would recommend the same.  The colors are vibrant and noticeable.  I also noticed when applying it has a light lovely scent.  It smells like a floral scent, lovely!

If you would want the nail polish to last longer you can get Snails Nail “Breathe Easy” Top Coat. It also contains no harsh chemicals and is free of harsh odors.  It can make the Snail Nails safe polish last for at least 2 days to a week or more.

Snails Nail has gift packs available that would be a great holiday present for the little diva.  Snails Nail safe polish individually would also make a glam stocking stuffer for a budding beauty guru.  After trying it myself and reading as much as I could about it, I felt confident I could try it on my daughter.

Snail Nails safe polish


You can find Snail Nails on Twitter: @SnailsCanada , on Facebook: , and their website:


Snails Nail is offering 1 Luv Saving Money readers

2 bottle of Snails Nail polish which makes a great stocking stuffer

Open to US and Canada

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