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I’ve been having an issue with my computer lately, err more than just lately for about 6 months I’d say.  My PC would just shut down randomly for seemingly no reason.  I’d get a blue screen and my computer would shut off.  I first panicked and thought I must have picked up a virus somewhere.  The problem was that nothing else seemed to be messed up.  When my computer would restart it would show the DOS type screen and I’d have to manually start my computer. I did notice in that screen it said something about a driver.

When I’d get back on I’d get the “report this issue to microsoft” box.  I did and it told me that my realtek network adapter was missing a driver and it gave me a link.  A sigh of relief for me, oh I’ll just download this driver and it will be fine.  I’d click the link for the driver and it would take me to a dead page.  I thought I was just going to either have to give up my computer to a tech for a few days or live with it until I figured it out.

Enter .  The service is only $199.99 for an entire year for their Geek Squad Tech support services.  Think about that, only about $16.60 a month to always have someone there to help fix your computer when it’s sick.  I was still worried that I was going to have to give my computer up but they were able to fix my computer remotely!  Yup, the agent took over my computer remotely (with my permission of course) and went to work.  All told, it took nearly 3 hours but my computer never had to leave my home and it’s working like new now.  So I’m one happy blogger.

Here’s a screen shot of how the help started out.  A simple chat box with me explaining my computer issue.  They updated me when needed. I wasn’t really able to use my computer while they were working but that was ok. It was amazing to see them pulling up different things I didn’t even know I had on my computer.  You also have the option to call them over the phone, take your device to the store, or have them come to your house.  For me the online remote help is the most convenient.  Ever try concentrating on something someone is saying with 3 boys running around the house?  
Geek Squad tech support one year service plan covers up to three computer devices. That includes tablets and you didn’t even have to buy them at Best Buy.  Also with the one year membership you get their internet security software, computer tune ups, software, hardware, and operating systems installation as well as troubleshooting.   AND you get access to their expansive library of how-to tutorials so you can learn to get more out of your computer devices.  
I’m very very happy with the Geek Squad tech support.  The problem is fixed, the agents I dealt with were very kind and professional, my computer didn’t have to leave my site, it was all covered with the one year membership, and I have piece of mind knowing that they will be there for a whole year to help me.

***The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free***

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